Assisted therapy with dogs

When we talk about people with disabilities, nothing is more beautiful than thinking about an animal that helps them and cares for each other. Puppies have a very peculiar way of accepting all people without classifying them, and that is what makes them so important when it comes to assisted therapy. They do not stop to see what clothes they wear, whether they are fashionable or not, whether they look good or bad, just accept it, with everything they have or do not, and in return, give their love.

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At YourCatCareguide we want to talk about how the assisted therapies are with dogs , what benefits they have and what makes them so popular. There are many rehabilitation programs that have incorporated them into their permanent staff .

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The dog, the great stimulus of motivation

The people with some intellectual disability and / or motor need high doses of motivation to continue daily with some activity that perhaps do not like them so much. Their mere presence improves the patients’ quality of life in communication, as well as in the control of emotions and also in the development of social skills.

Each patient does not need to have their own dog, instead, several rehabilitation centers rely on their own therapy animals, simply to be present in a group while they carry out an activity or workshop.

These dogs can work in different groups, from very varied ages, from children to the elderly , obtaining improvements every day. Assisted therapies should be supervised by a health professional , with the corresponding enrollment and assisted education that incorporates the dog into pedagogical programs, in order to successfully assimilate certain activities such as reading with dogs. They can create bonds that people never get, so they are so important

Benefits for humans

  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Improves attention and social skills
  • Strengthens muscles, coordination and memory
  • Physical movements like caressing the dog, playing with it and feeding it
  • Provides auditory, visual and tactile stimuli
  • Reduces unwanted behaviors
  • In particular, they encourage children to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally
  • Unleashing laughter and happiness

Can any dog ​​help?

There are specific characteristics that these dogs must fulfill in order to participate “legally” in these programs. Although there are more appropriate races or have been used more over the years, race is not the main factor .

The therapy dog ​​should have 5 main characteristics :

  1. Trustworthy . You should always know how you will react to different situations, people and / or animals.
  2. Controllable 100% . Basic obedience and always under the control of your guide.
  3. Suitable for the task . It sounds a bit obvious, but you should be able to swim if you have to, jump, etc. You can not have physical and / or age handicaps.
  4. Predictable . We must always be able to anticipate what behavior it will take.
  5. Trust builder . We close with this point that is similar to the number 1 but more oriented to the races: what impact they provoke in the other.

But we should not just consider these points, the guide is also fundamental. They should work well together, otherwise nothing will work. The aspiring dogs are submitted to evaluations by ethologists (study animal behavior) and veterinarians to be sure they are indicated. It is useless to submit to specific training dogs that we know have a terminal illness and will die soon or old.

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