Ashera Cat Care

The main care you should have with the Ashera cat is an external care, albeit totally associated with it. This is a diamond that your finances can suffer if you decide to adopt a specimen of Ashera cat, this is because the current value of this breed is between 17,000 and 100,000 $ (US dollars).

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We hope you have recovered from the brief fainting. The big difference in price compared to other breeds of cats, is because the Ashera cat was created with four different mutations.

It is a very special cat in size and origin, but the truth is that the care of the Ashera cat does not differ so much from the care of an ordinary cat. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to find out everything!

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Origin of the cat Ashera

It is likely that he is still questioning the high price of the Ashera cat . To begin with, it is good to note that the Ashera cat is the most exclusive domestic cat in the world. And also, the biggest.

History and origin

The Ashera cat comes from the United States of America, more specifically the Lifestyle Pets laboratory. Through the advanced genetic engineering and hybridization of domestic cats with genes of Asian leopard and African serval, they managed to create the largest domestic cat in the world .

This lab creates only 100 cats per year, so there is a waiting list among customers who wish to adopt one of these unique pets.

The four varieties that are produced in the Lifestyle Pets laboratory are: common Ashera cat, Ashera hypoallergenic cat, Snow Ashera cat and Ashera Royal cat.

Common Ashera Cat

The common Ashera cat resembles a species of small leopard . It measures 1.50 cm in length, including the tail. They weigh 12-15 kg. Measurements and weights are common to all four varieties. What sets them apart is the hair.

Common Ashera has a brown / brown hair with black spots on both sides and black spots elongated from the neck to the beginning of the tail.

They are very affectionate and communicative cats, emitting very sharp meows that contrast with the great size they have in relation to other breeds of cats.

Hypoallergenic Ashera Cat

This variety of Ashera cat is identical in appearance to the previous one, but has the particularity of not provoking allergy to people allergic to cats . Another peculiarity of this hybrid breed is that all specimens are sterile.

Snow Cat Ashera

This Ashera variety greatly resembles a small snow leopard . On the tone of his white, small spots of brown color are distributed on both sides. On their loins, from head to tail, the spots are elongated. This distribution of its spots is common to other varieties.

Also common is the morphology of this precious hybrid: small head with large erect ears, very long and beautiful body, and also very long legs. The hind legs are longer than the front legs, which makes the loin part higher.

Cat Ashera Royal

This variety does not exceed 4% of the litters . Its fur has a very beautiful and delicate background of cream / orange color, and its spots are more defined than in its congeneres of the other mutations.

All the different mutations of the Ashera cat are truly beautiful. There is a waiting list to get one of them, but if you pay more you can speed up this process.

Given its size as a dog, Ashera can be accustomed to walking with a guide and a leash.

Care to have

Ashera, however exclusive and hybrid it may be, is still a cat . Therefore, the necessary care will be the same as an ordinary cat. Consider the following to take care of an Ashera cat:


The first step will be the visit to the veterinarian, although during the first year there is insurance covering all consultations . In addition, the cat is delivered perfectly vaccinated and with the built-in chip. A certificate attached to the feline genetic fingerprint authenticates its origin.


The Ashera cat needs excellent nutrition to keep your hair shiny and develop your muscles properly. You should always opt for premium and high quality ranges.


One way to avoid the external parasites and to avoid the accumulation of hair of the hair (with the consequent formation of balls of hair ) is to brush your Ashera cat regularly. In addition to helping you gain the trust of your new best friend, it also serves to keep you beautiful. Use short hair cat brushes .


You should not bathe your Ashera cat excessively regularly, which damages your skin and the quality of your hair. Once every month and a half and even every two months will suffice.

However, and despite the calm character of the Ashera cat, it may happen that he does not like to get wet.

Toys & Hobbies

Another key part of cat care is to keep you stimulated physically and mentally. Using toys , games of intelligence and teaching your cat to use the scratcher and the litter box are the basic conditions to be happy.

If you want to see more information, like this one , please visit our Basic Care section .

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