The 10 animals with the shortest life span

Life expectancy is defined as the whole life of an animal from birth to death. There are animals that can live many decades and others that only live days and that have a short life expectancy.

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Life seems long but short for all creatures on the planet, especially for a group of animals that cross their life cycle with great intensity, passing in a very short time, for all the processes that involve being born, reproducing and dying . They are specialists in synthesizing their moment on earth.

The animal world surprises us every day, so check out the 10 animals with the shortest life time in this YourCatCareguide article.

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1. The Gastrotricha queue

The record of one of the smallest hopes of life belongs to a group of microscopic, wormlike animals called filo gastrotricha. It’s surprising! The entire life cycle of these aquatic microorganisms lasts between three and four days .

Although there are many varieties, none surpasses this goal, even in the most ideal circumstances. They spend their short lives floating, eating and reproducing (for some of them it means a change of genes with another individual). However, many species reproduce by parthenogenesis, in which the offspring is a genetic copy of the adult animal. One dies and it’s as if he had a clone son.

2. The ephemeroptera

Known also as ephemeral, the ephemeroptera belong to the pterygota insects. This animal is among the creatures with the shortest life time .

The most interesting thing about this animal is that when it is young and remains in its cocoon, it can live up to a year , however when it reaches adulthood it can die in a matter of a day or less .

3. Flies

The life of the flies is actually fleeting compared to hundreds of other creatures in the animal kingdom. In a house they have more possibilities to feed themselves, and therefore to survive.

The specimens found in nature are not so lucky and have a shorter life expectancy. Overall, your life expectancy is between 15 and 30 days . Flies can be found in virtually every part of the world, it is the most popular species on Planet Earth and one of those that lives the least.

4. Worker bees

Bees, working soldiers, live a short but very intense life that lasts about a month . They come to fulfill their mission and leave. What is really interesting is that these bees are all females and have a strenuous and short life, while the queen bee is dedicated to ordering, laying eggs and living for up to four years .

The bees go through four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The life expectancy of a whole bee community or hive depends on the survival of a good number of specimens in it. It does not work to live only the queen, since it can not produce honey nor pollinate the flowers and needs its workers for the sustenance of the hive.

5. The Artemids

Artemids are one of the 10 animals with the shortest life span. These small aquatic beings can live up to two years and reach two inches in length.

Many people create them at home with salt water and feed them with yeast and green algae. When they are born, the artemia are of a minimum size, almost microscopic, so at birth they are even difficult to see and one should wait about 24 hours to see them swim.

6. The monarch butterflies

These beautiful creatures do not decorate nature for a long time, since they only accompany us from 1 to 6 weeks , depending on many factors such as species, size, climate, food and habitat conditions.

Although most of them die very young, their role in nature is fundamental, they are part of the process of pollination of flowers and are also the favorite food of other animal species.

7. The possums

Possums that are not in captivity and live in nature have a short life expectancy of a year and a half , because in the natural state they are not protected from any danger like predators, as well as the radical change of time and the loss of their habitat .

These marsupial mammals originating from the American continent are very intelligent and creative in regards to surviving. To dissuade and defend themselves from mortal enemies, they pretend they are already dead.

8. The ants

And we returned to the insects within this list of 10 animals with shorter lifetimes. While queens can live for more than 30 years , the working class is often the one who leaves the planet faster.

These humble and sacrificed workers live for little more than a month, and this without thinking of the life expectancy they have when the human being is present. Ants are very sociable and cooperative . In addition they are very strong, can lift up to 50 times their own weight.

9. The chameleon-de-labord

This curious reptile that can only be found on the island of Madagascar lives only one year , its life cycle is quite difficult. The species is born each November, and the young people mature sexually between the months of January or February, when the mating phase begins. Before the next generation is ready to hatch (open or break an egg at birth), in the following November, the entire adult population dies.

10. Dragonflies

How we like dragonflies! They are a great inspiration for tattoos and jewels among many other representations, however they are one of the animals with less life time.

Many people think that dragonflies live only one day, but this is a myth. Adult dragonflies are very delicate and can live up to 6 months . Fortunately, nowadays, there are still over 5000 species of dragonflies on Planet Earth, extending their great wings through the air.

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