Animals with melanism

Surely you already know what albinism is, but did you know that there is a condition that is quite the opposite? The melanism is a genetic condition which causes an excess of pigmentation which causes the animals are totally black. However, should know that melanism does not negatively affect animals, in fact, may have more resistance to different diseases.

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What causes melanism?

So that you understand what causes the excess or defect of melanism, we explain to you what the pigmentation of the skin consists of . Pigmentation means color, and the pigment that gives color to the skin is called melanin, which is produced by special skin cells. If these cells do not work properly, due to any genetic condition, a change in the pigment of color that the skin receives and therefore creates disorders as in the case of albinism and melanism.

Albinism can affect animals as well as humans. This condition causes a lack of pigment in the skin and, on most occasions, in the eyes and hair. Albino animals may have more problems with sun exposure and may even have a depressed immune system. In this article we explain the characteristics of albino dogs .

Types of melanism

Melanism is a word that comes from the Greek and means pigments of black color. As already explained, animals with melanism have black hair, feathers or scales, but why does this condition occur?

  • Adaptive melanocytes . Melanism can be caused by an adaptation to the environment that goes from generation to generation. In this way, animals with melanism can camouflage themselves and go unnoticed to hunt or not to be hunted.
  • Industrial Melanism . They are animals that have changed their color because of the industrial activities of the human being. Smoke and contamination made animals like butterflies and moths have been forced to adapt to the surroundings, getting a little darker.

List of animals with melanism

There are several animals with melanism, although here we have recompiled the five most famous.

  • Serpente Real Mexicana . This snake is native to the American continent and lives in arid and desert places. It can measure up to 1.5 meters in length.
  • Black guinea pig . Guinea pigs are increasingly popular as pets and may also present melanism, regardless of their breed.
  • Black Wolf . Another of the animals with melanism is the wolf and these are predatory animals that can enjoy their melanism to hunt at night.
  • Black panther . Jaguars and leopards are two variants of the panther with a tendency to melanism.
  • Black butterfly . It is a good example of animals with industrial melanism Instead of being colored to camouflage among the vegetation, it evolved into a black color to adapt to the contamination and smoke.

Do you know more animals with melanism and believe that they should be part of this list? Do not stop commenting!

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