7 animals that glow in the dark

What is bioluminescence? By definition, it is when certain living organisms emit visible light. Of all the species of bioluminescent creatures discovered in the world, 80% inhabit the depths of the oceans of Planet Earth.

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In fact, due mainly to the darkness, almost all creatures living far below the surface shine. However, others are even a light or look like they carry a light bulb with them. These creatures are astonishing, so much that those who live in water as those who live on land … are a phenomenon of nature.

If you like life in the dark, keep reading this article from Animal Expert where we tell you about the animals that shines in the dark . Certainly you will be surprised.

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1. Jellyfish

The jellyfish is the first of our list, since it is one of the most known and popular within this luminous group, in addition to being also one of the most spectacular. With your body, jellyfish, you can create a scene full of resplendent light.

This can be done because your body contains fluorescent protein, photo-proteins and other bioluminescent proteins . The jellyfish radiates bright light at night when you feel a little irritated or as a method to attract your prey that are certainly mesmerized by its beauty.

2. Scorpio

Scorpions do not glow in the dark but shine under ultraviolet light when they are exposed to certain wavelengths, emitting bright blue-green fluoride. In fact if the light of the moon is very intense they can shine a little under these conditions.

Although the experts have studied this phenomenon in scorpions for several years, the reason for this reaction is not yet known with exactness. However, they comment that they are likely to use this mechanism to measure light levels at night and thus determine whether it is appropriate to go out to hunt. It can also be used to recognize each other.

3. Firefly

The firefly is that little insect that illuminates gardens and forests . They inhabit temperate and tropical environments and more than 2000 species have been discovered. Fireflies shine because of the chemical processes that occur in your body caused by the consumption of oxygen. This process releases energy and subsequently transforms it into cold light, this light is emitted by the organs below your abdomen and can have several colors like: yellow, green and red.

4. Lula Vaga-lume

And speaking of the marine animals that shine in the dark we have to talk about the squid firefly. Every year on the coast of Japan, specifically in the bay of Toyama during the months of March and May, which is their mating season, one can observe the squid vellum and its fascinating natural speculum of bioluminescence, which is produced when the light of the moon realizes a chemical reaction with its external membranes.

5. Antarctic Krill

This marine creature, a crustacean whose length ranges from 8 to 70 mm is among the most important animals in the Antarctic food chain, as it is a great source of food for many other predatory animals such as seals, penguins and birds. Krill has numerous organs that can give off a yellow-green light for about 3 seconds at a time. It is said that this crustacean is illuminated to avoid predators from the depths, confusing and thus mixing with the glitter of the sky and the ice on the surface.

6. Flashlight fish

This animal was the inspiration of one of the villains of the famous film Finding Nemo. And not surprisingly, their large jaws and teeth frighten anyone. This poor fish, which shines in the dark, is listed as one of the ugliest animals in the world, but in the Animal Expert, we simply consider it very interesting. This fish has on its head a kind of lantern with which it illuminates the dark bottom of the ocean and that attracts both its prey and its sexual partners .

7. Jellyfish

Although little known, this type of jellyfish is very abundant in the seas around the world, constituting a large proportion of the plankton biomass. They are very dry, and although some are jellyfish (and therefore they are grouped in this family) others look like flat worms. Unlike other jellyfish, these do not sting and produce bioluminescence as a defense mechanism. Many comb jellyfish have a single pair of tentacles that leave a kind of luminous vein to pass.

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