Animals omnivores – Examples, photos and curiosities

Are you looking for an example of an omnivore animal? We love discovering everything that is related to the animal world, so we love to know the food needs of all living things.

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If you already know examples of carnivorous and herbivorous animals and are looking to meet other animals that feed on both types of diet, it has come to the right place.

In this article by YourCatCareguide, we reveal the omnivorous animals with examples, photos and curiosities more known. Keep reading and find out!

How is an omnivore animal?

An omnivorous animal is one that feeds on plants and other animals in their daily lives. Your body is not adapted to eating meat or plants or plants exclusively, so your body is prepared to digest both. In fact, your jaw combines different types of teeth to chew both one food grade and another. They have strong molar teeth that offer plenty of space to chew like herbivores, and they also have molars and canines with a perfect tear or tear shape, a characteristic of carnivores.

It should be noted that there are herbivores who eat meat from time to time and carnivores who sometimes eat plants, but these animals are not considered omnivores. For an animal to be omnivorous, it must have as its main source of food an animal and a plant on a regular basis in its daily diet.

Examples of omnivorous mammals

  • Pig : it is likely to be the best known omnivore animal of all. In addition we can see it more and more in houses, since the pig has become an increasingly common pet.
  • Bear : Bear can be one of the most opportunistic animals out there since it fits perfectly to where you live. If there is a lot of fruit in your area, you will feed on it, and if there is a river with lots of fish in it, you can catch them during the day to eat. So while not believing, the panda bear also considers himself an omnivorous animal because he occasionally likes to catch some rodent or small birds to “spice up” his usual bamboo diet. The only exception is the polar bear , which is carnivorous, but this is due to its natural habitat that does not rely on vegetables that it can consume.
  • Hedgehog : another animal that is increasingly becoming a regular pet. Many believe that the hedgehog only feeds on insects and small invertebrates, but these animals like to eat fruits and vegetables from time to time. If you want to offer it, it’s good to have it in moderation.
  • Human : yes, it’s good to remember that we’re animals too! The human being is characterized by following an omnivorous diet and, in the case of people who decide to eliminate animal meat, it is worth noting that they are not called herbivores but vegetarians or vegans.
  • Other omnivorous mammals : besides these four, which are the best known, other omnivores are quatis, some classes of raccoons, rats, squirrels and skunks.

Examples of omnivorous birds

  • Raven : if we said that the bear is opportunistic, the crow manages to overcome it and much. As you may have seen in several films, these animals are always prowling for remains of dead animals, but they also often eat vegetables if there is no such source of food around them.
  • Chicken : Chickens, unlike children, eat everything. Whatever you give, she’ll get it right away without any hesitation. And while it is believed otherwise, giving bread to chickens is not beneficial because they put less eggs.
  • Ostrich : Although the main base of their food are vegetables and plants, ostriches are unconditional fans of insects and every time they can carry one in the stomach.
  • Pea-tail (Pica Pica) : These small birds also eat everything, although they are usually fed with food for parrots or even for dogs.

Other omnivorous animals

Besides mammals and birds, it is worth mentioning that among reptiles and fish there are also omnivorous animals, such as the famous piranhas and some types of turtles . It is worth remembering that piranhas are predatory fish that feed on other small fish, crustaceans, mollusks, reptiles and carcasses left by other animals.

And you, know more omnivorous animals that are not on this list? If yes, then make a comment to add all your suggestions!

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