Do male dogs have to be castrated to improve behavior?

Decided to adopt a dog? So this is a precious moment, but it should also be the moment when you as owner must accept all your responsibilities to give your pet everything you need to be happy.

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Is it a male or female dog? This is a completely individual decision, regardless of the sex chosen, a controlled reproduction, responsible and desired by the owners will be essential for animal health, in that sense the control of the reproduction of your pet should be a subject that deserves your full attention.

However, in this article by YourCatCareguide we will not analyze the subject of castration as a responsibility, but rather as a means to improve canine behavior. Keep reading and find out if it is necessary to castrate male dogs to improve behavior .

Castration in dogs

You should first know that castration is not the same thing as a sterilization process, because it is a more invasive surgery, but it can also have greater advantages. Castration consists of extracting the testicles , preserving the scrotal sac. This technique does not only prevent the reproduction of the animal but also inhibits the sexual behavior of the dog. But what does it mean?

A male dog has a strong breeding instinct and it is enough to perceive a female in the heat next to him so that it can cause real chaos. This happens through different mechanisms:

  • Testosterone increases, this is directly related to an increase in aggressiveness and irritability.
  • Suddenly your dog has urinated again at home? In this case, it is not simply a renal function, but rather a marking of territory due to its instinct for dominance.
  • A dog that senses near a female in heat will do everything possible to escape, so our attention should be maximum.
  • The dog suffers from great anxiety if it can not reach the female in heat, cries, moans, and even stops eating, although good dog training has been a priority, the level of anxiety is so high that the dog enters into an absolute state of disobedience.

With castration, this intense hormonal dance does not occur, which has a positive impact on the dog and also on his human home, however, this practice goes further and reduces the risk of the dog presenting certain conditions of hormonal origin such as the following: cysts in the prostate, prostate hyperplasia, testicular tumors and tumors in the perianal area.

Does castration help improve your behavior?

This is the question that many owners ask, but it is not the right question because it is badly worded. We must first clarify that a male does not present sexual misbehavior, it simply presents a sexual and natural behavior that can be problematic .

Dogs with bad behavior do it by a bad intervention on the part of the owners, not because they are manifesting their sexual physiology. In all cases we should ask whether it is appropriate to castrate the dog to reduce its dominance, aggressiveness and disobedience when it detects a female in heat.

The answer is yes, it is appropriate, although this does not make a male manifest a sexual behavior is a male that can not be controlled. We could say then that castration reduces the dog’s anxiety caused by his strong reproductive instinct and the problems that the owners have to face.

Does not this explanation convince you yet? Maybe you have some myths in mind, so let’s uncover them quickly:

  • A castrated dog does not grow fat automatically . Castrated dogs that gain weight do so because their diet and lifestyle do not adapt to their new nutritional and energy requirements.
  • A neutered dog does not cease to be a marcho , despite not observing their sexual behavior, they retain a male anatomy, and if they do not raise their paws while urinating, it does not mean that they have become “feminine”, this is simply due to diminished hormonal levels .
  • Is your dog an excellent guard and defense dog? Neutering will not affect your abilities , it will only leave you a better guard dog, since the better trained dog can lose concentration very easily with a female in close estrus.

A completely individual decision

Not all dogs are the same and so I would like to share the experience I had with my first dog who from the outset became one of the most dear ones to me. Verdi was a mixture of Pekingese who accompanied me for 19 years, thus becoming one more member of the family.

If it ever manifested a typical behavior of a male dog, this must have been insignificant, because we never observed in him all the sinas that it implies. It is also important to know that at 15 years of age it had to be operated on because of a perianal tumor, which although not malignant, caused oppression in the anal area and was clearly dependent hormone.

By this I mean that there are dogs that are only affected when a bitch in heat is near, so it may be that you do not castrate your dog, but also never come across sexual behavior .

But that’s not the only thing you should take into account. He may not have decided to adopt a Pekingese but a Siberian Husky, a sturdy, precious dog very close to the wolf.

In this case the problem is not only because the dog can cause the greatest chaos in the house to have a very robust structure, the problem is that castration will imply for you the intervention on the wild beauty of this animal.

Want to conserve all your pet’s instincts, trying to respect as much as possible its nature or, on the contrary, decides that this is not an option for you? There is no better decision than another , castration is a generic topic, since it must be treated individually for each dog and each owner.

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