Amount of water a dog should drink per day

Keeping a well-hydrated dog is key to having a good health. The dog is an animal that clearly shows when it needs to drink water, usually has a dry tongue, this is the clearest sign. Once you know that ours needs to drink water, an important topic you should know is how much you need to drink. Then in this article from YourCatCareguide we will show you howmuch water a dog should drink per day .

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The type of feed has influence

We know there are three different types of feeding that we can give our dog and the type of feeding will influence the amount of water it will need, let’s see the differences:

  1. Humid food , that is, the food from the cans. It is not advisable to feed our dog only on the basis of this type of food, as they do not have all the necessary properties and in addition they will make you gain weight a lot, but as far as the drink is concerned, we can say that when it is humid it will require less water of course.
  2. Semi-moist food , by itself already has some liquid which will make “less necessary” the consumption of water, but more necessary than with the cans that we indicated in the previous point.
  3. Dry food , this is the most usual option, more economical and healthier, but does not add liquid to the dog’s diet, which is easily resolved by giving water to the dog, we will see next the recommended amount.

Amount of water required

Let’s take as a reference our last point, that is, dry food and it is very simple, we only have to multiply by 2.5 the weight of food that our dog ingests .

It is important that all this water is ingested in optimal conditions, with freshness and for this we need to know which is the best drinker we should buy, know this in the next point.

Types of drinkers for the dog

When we buy these types of accessories we usually fall into the temptation to choose one depending on how beautiful we look, but since we are choosing a container where our dog is going to drink water, we have to keep in mind that it is healthy. Let’s look at the types of drinkers that exist:

  1. Plastic drinking fountains , we all know it, are economical and easy to wash but can cause certain allergic reactions, so if you choose to do these you should make sure that the plastic is of the highest quality.
  2. Ceramic trough , it has enviable designs, but the cleaning will be complicated by its surface and it is not convenient to not be able to clean the remains of dirt, because the dog has to enjoy a fresh and pure drink.
  3. Stainless steel drinking fountain , the toughest of all, if we find a good quality will keep the water without toxic substances, in addition are very easy to clean.

The most recommended drinker is the latter, although we do not find it with very attractive designs, we will keep our dog healthy without forgetting that 60% of it is water and that we should take care of your drink carefully.

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