Amount of food for an American Akita

The American Akita is one of the most loyal dogs there is , has a total devotion to his family and fidelity is one of the most important behavior traits. To these valuable virtues are added a very robust and strong body, in fact, the American Akita can weigh up to 66 kilograms in the case of males

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To maintain its robust structure, vitality and character, feeding will be a fundamental aspect, as well as being a decisive factor in the health of our pet.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we clarify to you what should be the amount of food for an American Akita .

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Nutritional Requirements of American Akita

The amounts of protein required for a healthy animal are relatively constant: approximately 2 grams of protein per kilogram of dog weight. Younger or older dogs may need larger amounts. Since the diet is balanced and has adequate availability of amino acids makes no difference whether these are of vegetable or animal origin [1].

Of course, our dog’s food should also have enough micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), but it will especially need an adequate content of vitamins A and D , which are at a greater risk of being missing.

You should follow the detailed instructions on the food package and, if in doubt, speak with your veterinarian.

Choosing the ration for your Akita does not have to be a difficult task and also does not have to fall into the trap that the most expensive ration is the best, however you should take into account the choice of choosing organic food.

Amount of food for an American Akita puppy

After breastfeeding, our dog’s feeding should be focused on causing optimal developmentand stimulating an immune system that has not yet completed its maturation process. For this you must choose food from the ” junior ” range .

The amounts of food will vary depending on the age of the puppy :

  • From 2 to 3 months: 150-200 grams daily distributed in 4 meals.
  • From 4 to 5 months: 250 grams daily divided into 3 meals.
  • 6 months: 300-400 grams daily distributed in 2 meals.
  • 8 months: 300 grams daily distributed in 2 meals.

Amount of food for an adult American Akita

The amount of food you provide daily to an adult specimen varies depending on your weight and the level of physical activity you have. Of course, for this phase you must choose food from the ” adult ” range .

It is important to periodically consult the veterinarian for this to progress in weight, if the Akita grows above the normal parameters, it is because it is ingesting an amount of energy that is not able to burn. On the other hand, if the dog is to lose weight, he must increase the doses of feed to cover the energy he spends with his daily physical exercise.

Depending on the weight we can define the following quantities:

  • Exemplary of 30 to 40 kilos (usually females): from 400 to 590 grams distributed in 2 or 3 meals daily.
  • Exemplary of more than 50 kilos: from 590 to 800 grams daily distributed in 2 or 3 meals daily.

As the American Akita grows older you must adapt the amount of food to your physical exercise possibilities to prevent obesity . Generally you should reduce the amount of ration in a small proportion, although you can also opt for a more specific ration of the “senior” range.

Nutritional supplements for the American Akita

If the food is correct, your dog will acquire through it all the necessary nutrients, however there are certain cases where it is necessary to increase the intake of certain nutrients through dietary supplements. We could highlight two main situations:

  • The dog is sick or is recovering.
  • The puppy is not growing properly.
  • The female Akita is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Except for these situations, nutritional supplements should not be used unless your veterinarian has indicated them.

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