Amount of food for a Chihuahua

The Chihuahua besides being a faithful, restless and friendly companion is a pet very easy to maintain and care thanks to its small size. We can not compare, for example, the amount of ration needed for a German Doguee with the amount needed for a Chihuahua.

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This is a dog with an average need for exercise, which means you do not need to receive a lot of calories. If you are determined to adopt one or if you have questions about your food, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide to know how much a Chihuahua eats .

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What will the amount of food depend on?

As we know there are two types of Chihuahua dogs: the head of an apple and the head of deer (or deer), which differ by the size of each one, with the deer head being a little larger. To know your nutritional needs it is imperative to know the weight of our Chihuahua , since this will influence the amount of food.

The advantage of this breed is its reduced size, which allows us a smaller amount of feed, which means that your daily feed costs are greatly reduced unlike other breeds of larger door dog.

There are different types of food for the Chihuahua, what we recommend beforehand is that you look for a quality that keeps you healthy and strong, something that has a daily impact on your quality of life and your appearance.

How much does a baby Chihuahua eat?

When the Chihuahua dog is in full growth stage it has a specific nutritional needs and caresince it requires a series of supplements such as calcium, among others. Most of the rations of Junior range adapt perfectly to these needs but must take into account some factors:

  • By the 5th month of the dog’s life, the needs increase according to their physical development.
  • After this period, the dog will gradually reduce the amounts, all to prevent obesity, something very common in Chihuahua dogs.
  • The Junior ration has a high caloric content, therefore, and as it approaches the 9 months of life we ​​must reduce the doses.
  • This stage also highlights the development of the dentition . Look for toys for him, specific to your baby step.

Next we show you a specific feeding table for Junior puppies, evidently the quantity may vary depending on the brand of the chosen product, for this reason we recommend that you consult the table of the packaging or consult your veterinarian.

When do you eat an adult Chihuahua?

After the first 9 months of life your chihuahua must change the type of ration, being chosen one specific for its new entry into adult life.

We remind you that it is important that you practice exercise with your pet, always adapted to your rhythm and resistance. This way you can have a healthy and super happy chihuahua puppy. It is essential to prevent obesity in this breed.

In the spreadsheet that we show you next you can see the amount of food indicated for the adult dog, depending on the physical activity that performs. Check the back of the pack of feed chosen to see the recommended amount and in case of doubt consult your veterinarian of confidence.

And an old chihuahua dog?

After 7 years of life your dog will begin to reduce physical activity and will enter into old age. For this stage there are also specific rations, with a smaller amount of calories but with vitamin supplements and calcium, very important for the maintenance of your body.

The amounts are usually the same as the adult stage, only the composition of the food varies. Always remember to consult the table of the chosen product or your veterinarian. If you experience any dismay or lack of activity of your dog, you can consult the administration of vitamins , an extra to improve your vitality.

To keep your Chihuahua it is vital that you practice specific exercise for old dogs like him, make sure you have good times by your side!

If you want to read more articles like the food quantity for a chihuahua , we recommend you to come into our section of balanced diets .

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