Amount of food for a beagle

If you have just adopted a beagle dog , you should know that you have just won a faithful, affectionate, very active and energetic companion. If you have a spacious house and time to provide you with all the exercise you need, find your ideal dog!

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The specific care that the beagle requires includes weekly brushing, sports, and food control. Because? It’s very simple, this is a dog with an insatiable appetite that manages to eat a whole bowl of food at one go. This can lead to obesity which unleashes, with great probability, serious health problems. To find out the daily amount of food for a beagle , YourCatCareguide has prepared this article with all the details you need.

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What does the daily amount depend on?

Each breed of dog has specific characteristics that make you should choose to feed with adequate nutritional needs. However, they all require a lot of protein. Besides the composition of the ration, the quantity offered also varies according to the breed and with the following factors:

  • The age
  • Adult weight
  • Physical activity

It is evident that a puppy in puppy phase does not consume the same amount of food as an adult or elderly dog. Likewise, dogs of small, medium, large and giant size also have adequate amounts to their size.

However, when determining how much our dog’s beagle feed needs, it should focus on its physical activity, especially. By being a very active dog, it requires long walks and exercise that allows you to burn all the energy accumulated. In addition, its energetic nature creates an almost insatiable appetite, which increases its tendency to develop obesity . Thus, it is essential that tutors control the daily amounts of food as a mandatory task.

Amount of food for a beagle puppy

It is in the puppy phase that the dog needs to ingest more grams of feed. So it is not surprising that more food is offered at this stage than it is in adulthood. In this sense, it is considered that the beagle reached the age of completion of 12 months of life. Until then, offer dry ration of the junior range , manufactured specifically to meet the needs of this breed of dog.

The selected ration should contain a high percentage of proteins and nutrients that favor the digestive system, ensuring a correct development of the intestinal flora of the cub. The food should also contain essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus that help promote proper dog skeleton training, preventing joint problems. Because they are active and energetic dogs, they can develop diseases related to bones and joints. For this reason, bones and joints should be protected from the puppies stage in order to prevent these problems. Finally, try to offer a ration that contains antioxidants to help strengthen the dog’s immune system.

YourCatCareguide recommends that you look for quality rations to provide the best food for your dog . Keep in mind that this is the most important stage of your life, marking your entire evolution of development. In this way, avoid brands whose composition is concentrated in flours and cereals.

When it comes to feeding your beagle puppy, keep in mind the following aspects:

  • To promote feed intake during the first few months, it is best to moisten it in water to make it softer. Little by little, you can reduce the amount of water until you can offer completely dry feed.
  • Between 2 and 4 months , ration the daily grams in 4 different meals.
  • Between 4 and 6 months , divide by only three.
  • After 6 months, you can give the total amount of grams daily in two meals.

Continue to read the table about the total amount of grams you should give your beagle per day, based on your age and the weight you can reach as an adult. To find out the weight of the dog, consult your veterinarian. You can verify that up to 6 months of age, the amount of food increases daily to meet all nutritional needs of the dog. From that age, the amount should be reduced to prevent overweight.

Amount of food for an adult beagle

After completing one year of age, your beagle puppy is already adult and should receive dry ration from the adult range . However, in order to avoid obesity, the daily amount should decrease and be balanced according to the intensity of physical activity to which the dog undergoes.

Being a breed of dog with an almost insatiable appetite, do not be surprised if he asks for more food after ingesting the recommended amount. At this time, it is essential that you stay firm and do not yield to your request, since your nutritional needs are already met with the amount ingested, not needing more food. If your beagle begins to lose weight gradually , you should go to the veterinarian and describe the whole exercise that the dog practices daily. The amount may need to increase in these cases.

When choosing the ration, ensure that the percentage of protein remains the highest, occupying 40% of the composition, and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are present to keep the dog’s bones and joints in perfect condition. In addition, the consumption of EPA and DHA is also critical to favor the health of the dog’s bones and skin and keep your hair shiny.

Then you can check the food quantity chart that your beagle puppy should consume per day . As stated at the beginning of the article, the amount should be established based on your weight and the amount of physical activity you do. Do not forget that from now on you can continue to provide the total daily amount in two separate meals or reduce it to a single meal.

Amount of food for an elderly beagle

From the age of 8, approximately, the beagle dog is considered elderly. So your food should be changed to a senior range ration . Although, apparently, does not show signs of advanced age, it is certain that its organism begins to feel it. Therefore, your diet should be adapted to your new nutritional needs.

The beagle is one of the most active and energetic breeds and can accompany the guardian for up to 15 years if necessary care and quality feeding is provided. In this sense, the ration you choose to offer in this new stage of your life should be enriched with EPA and DHA to maintain skin and hair health, calcium for bones and joints, fiber and protein to promote intestinal transit. Also, to increase your intake of antioxidants and help protect you from free radicals (responsible for cell oxidation that can result in eye or degenerative diseases) you can offer vegetables and fruits to your elderly beagle if once in a while.

During old age, the amount of food you should give to the beagle is the same as for adulthood. The only thing that changes is the composition of the ration, as well as its form. For the adult beagle, the use of difficult-to-chew croquettes is recommended, since they tend to swallow almost without chewing. For the elderly beagle, it is advisable to opt for easy-digesting croquettes, which may be dry or semi-moist. Another valid option is to mix dry ration with moist food if your beagle does not have all the teeth.

If your elderly beagle suffers from liver disease, kidney disease, or diabetes , do not hesitate to call the veterinarian to determine the recommended feed. On the other hand, if you notice that your puppy has lost his appetite, is apathetic, shows signs of fatigue, sleeps more than usual, vomits, has diarrhea or has any other symptoms, seek a specialist examination immediately. You should pay more attention to your dog at this stage so that you can act quickly and provide all the care you deserve after having offered you a life full of unconditional love and company.

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