Amount of daily food for cats

Cats are carnivorous animals that prefer to eat several times a day instead of just one, as they do in the wild. Also, do not overeat, just eat what you need, however you should know that the amount of daily food for cats depends on several factors, such as age, size, physical activity or personality of the animal, and it is it is our responsibility to provide you with a balanced and quality diet to avoid that the cat is overweight or, on the contrary, malnourished.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will show you the tips to properly feed these companion animals depending on the stage of your life, since it is very important to consider that the daily amount of adult cat food will be different than that of the baby cats or the of the elderly cats.

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Feeding of lactating cats

Lactating cats begin weaning at 3 weeks of age [1] , so it is not advisable to give them any food other than breast milk , since they do not need any additional product that brings them more nutrients. Breast milk contains absolutely everything these little animals need, so you do not have to worry about whether cats take the amount of milk they need or not. If you see that baby cats complain or are restless, it may be because they are not satisfied and need more milk.

If you can not give them breast milk, there are some milk substitutes that can be obtained from veterinarians and specialty stores, but it is always advisable to breastfeed them naturally with their biological mothers.

From the fourth week on, you can introduce some solid food / special baby cat food, broken to pieces and soaked in water until it has a puré consistency, to start getting used to this food. The first few weeks of the life of cats are crucial for their good development and growth. By 7 or 8 weeks the cat will be fully weaned.

How much should a cat’s cat eat?

From 8 weeks (after weaning) to 4 months of age, it is necessary to give young cats several meals a day . Remember that these animals do not usually drink a lot of water, so you should alternate the dry feed with the moist food to compensate for this lack of liquid. Read our article on the age at which cats begin to eat ration .

At this stage of your cat’s life, your stomach is very small and there is not enough food for each meal, but as your pet grows, you will need more and more food at each meal. Thus, from 4 to 6 months of age, it is necessary to increase the dose of food per meal so that there is no lack of food to the animal, but always trying not to exceed for the cat to maintain his ideal weight.

Regarding the amount of food in grams, this depends on the ration you use, because the same amount in grams of one ration will not have the same calories and nutrients as another different ration. For this reason, you should be guided by the packaging information and the advice of your veterinarian, as the cat’s nutritional needs depend on race, lifestyle and any medical conditions.

How much should an adult cat eat?

From the age of 12 months, your cat will already be an adult and, as we mentioned earlier, the amount of daily food will depend on the weight, physical activity and personality of the breed.

Wild cats make small meals as they prey on instinct. Domestic cats do between 10 and 20 meals a day, ingesting approximately 5 grams at each meal. It is very important for the cat to have food available whenever he needs it. For this reason, you should control the quantities that you say on the packaging and distribute it throughout the day. If your cat correctly manages his food throughout the day, you just have to worry about the total amount and distribute it in two daily intakes, for example. If on the other hand, your cat is prone to obesity and eats it all at once, it will have to be you to distribute the amount indicated by a larger number of meals throughout the day.

Since the grams of daily food depend on the nutritional formula of the ration, it is not possible to say with precision the quantity of grams more indicated. In any case, we present an example described in the Royal Cat Cat – Adult Cats Beauty of the Royal Canin Coat Pack:

  • If you weigh 2kg: 25-40 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 3kg: 35-50 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 5kg: 40-60 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 6kg: 55-85 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 7kg: 60-90 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 8kg: 70-100 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 9kg: 75-110 grams of feed
  • If you weigh 10kg: 80-120 grams of feed

However, the energetic (kilocalorie) needs can be calculated because they do not depend on the ration and only the cat. It is in these that you should focus since in principle, a premium commercial feed will have all the nutrients essential to meet the needs of your cat.

In the image you can consult our table with the approximate energetic needs in kilocalories of the cat according to the weight of the cat, age and body condition [2] .

How much should an elderly cat eat?

From 7/8 years old, our animal will change from being an adult cat, to being an old cat, and as a consequence, its ability to digest proteins and fats will decrease . Therefore, it may be necessary to change the type of feed in order to provide high quality and easily digestible meals.

In addition to the ability to digest, we can notice other changes in our pet that is becoming more and more, such as the quality of your hair, which will become less shiny, or the amount of daily physical activity, making the cat less active and more quiet. Still, this process is inevitable, but we can remarkably prolong the life of our companion animal if we feed it in a correct way and appropriate to its age.

General considerations

  • Cats are habit animals, so it is recommended that they have a fixed daily routine once they begin their adulthood.
  • Continuing with the theme of the routine, it is necessary to feed at the same place and at the same time every day, in a quiet place that is always away from your litter box.
  • To feed your pet, use an easy-to-clean surface to place a metal or ceramic container. Some cats prefer to eat in a flat bowl, and this helps prevent them from eating too fast.
  • If you have more than one cat, you should make sure each one has its respective container of food at a considerable distance, so they do not quarrel or eat each other’s food.
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