American Pit Bull Terrier as a nanny dog

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed that is defined in the United States, although its origins are British. They were used as dog fighting until the ban in 1976 and are now considered a potentially dangerous breed in some countries.

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What is true in all this? The reality is that Pit Bulls have a scissor-like bite that can be very dangerous to the recipient, but what is not true is that it is an aggressive or dangerous dog.

The danger lies in the people , who are able to encourage a type of behavior in the dog that quickly can not control. For this reason, we must always remember that the education and socialization of the dog are very important. If not, why did they use the American Pit Bull Terrier as a nanny dog?

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A little of history

It was in the United States that, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, began to call the Pit Bull dog nanny.

It is a caring, cheerful and familiar dog. that is even sociable, in many cases, with strangers. The reason he was left alone with the children lies in the fact that he is a dog especially attached to the family and very patient with the little ones.

The Pit Bull is a breed that, while friendly, may surprise you by revealing your worst side if you notice some kind of aggression about someone he considers his family. For generations it was therefore used in the care of the little ones .

The Pit Bull, an excellent family dog

The Pit Bull occupies the second position as most affectionate dog , after the Golden Retriever, since it is a protective dog dedicated to you, an excellent playmate and a friend for life.

Nowadays, many animal protection associations are very affected by the image that this faithful pet has.

Are you considering adopting an American Pit Bull Terrier ? Some live in kennels for years, although they are very sweet and caring dogs that have the right to be adopted, presenting a very large list of advantages. Also, look for an original name for your Pit Bull dog .

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