Care of the American Akita

The American Akita comes from the Matagi Akita dogs, originating in Japan and from which we find the earliest references to the year 1603. The Matagi Akitas were used for hunting the bear and then used as fighting dogs.

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Centuries later they crossed with dogs Tosa Inu and Mastins, originating several types of dogs Akita , that later were classified according to the use that they gave them. The American Akita follows a line of blood originating in the United States and comes from the crossing of Akita dogs with German Shepherds .

If you are passionate about this dog breed and are thinking of adopting a dog with these characteristics, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will tell you about the care of the American Akita .

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The socialization of the puppy

Any pup should be socialized so that in its adult stage it can have a stable and balanced behavior, nevertheless this necessity has a greater importance when we speak of American Akita. Because? Very simple, it is a strong dog, robust, resistant to pain and very territorial.

The socialization is especially important to be able to balance these characteristics in an adult specimen, then we will see the most important aspects to take into account when we want to socialize an American Akita puppy.

  • You should have at your disposal a sturdy toy suitable for dogs, as they like to bite and should channel this energy with the right accessories. Discover how to teach your puppy not to bite into this article.
  • From a young age he must begin to have contact with the entire human family , including the little ones in the house.
  • The sooner you get used to the presence of other dogs and animals , the better. You should keep in mind that the American Akita is very territorial, especially with male dogs, so you should enjoy the company of other animals from the early stages of your life, and then have a balanced character. The sterilization is highly recommended in these cases.

Exercise, discipline and affection

The American Akita needs a confident owner who knows how to properly apply his authority, character, and ability to provide him with excellent training and training, which of course must always be based on positive reinforcement . Practicing daily training is critical.

The controlled physical exercise and in the company of its owner, will provide the American Akita an excellent resource to control your stress and balance your character. In addition, exercise also acts as a disciplinary method that brings multiple benefits to our pet.

Finally, it should be noted that Akita (both American and Japanese) is a dog that is characterized by total devotion and loyalty to his human family , this means that along with proper training, we must provide affection, attention, games and company, just so we can get a dog completely happy and healthy.

Akita American Hair Care

The American Akita has a double that effectively isolates it from the cold . The periodic brushing will be of great importance not to have to increase the baths, which should always be performed with a shampoo specific to dogs and to maintain the function of the hair in perfect condition.

To do this, you should do a weekly brushing that should be daily in the spring and fall, as it is during these seasons that a hair change takes place.

During the changing season, daily brushing will also help us oversee the process, as some individuals are prone to eczema in this period.

Other American Akita Care

The American Akita has a life expectancy of about 10 years, however with the proper care can get to live 12 years . If your desire is to enjoy the company of a dog for many years, you should also take into account these advice that will help you give your Akita the best care:

  • You should avoid accumulating tartar in the teeth and gums, for this we must frequently clean your teeth with toothpaste and a brush suitable for dogs. It is advisable to get used to this routine early.
  • You need the food with specific food for large dogs , which helps you mainly avoid joint diseases and nourish structures so important with cartilage. The proper ration will also help keep your hair in optimum condition.
  • Of course, you need the generic care we would apply to any other dog, such as following the vaccination program and undergo periodic veterinary checks.

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