Alternative Therapies for Dogs with Cancer

Cancer is a disease that lamentably appears more and more frequently in our beloved pets and whose progress and treatment causes great pain and anxiety, both in our animals and in us.

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Dogs also currently suffer from increased levels of stress and are also exposed to a greater amount of toxins through food and the environment, which explains to a certain extent the increase in malignant tumors in dogs.

There are completely natural therapeutic resources that combined with conventional pharmacological therapy can help alleviate the sufferings of the dog, protect your body from the damages caused by chemotherapy and more easily overcome the cancer, whenever it has a cure, something that unfortunately does not represent 100% of cases.

In this article from YourCatCareguide we explain to you the best alternative therapies for dogs with cancer .

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Nutrition therapy

Feeding is one of the most effective tools to prevent and treat cancer, since therapeutic nutrition will help keep the animal’s immune system in good condition so that it can continue to cope with cancer cell reproduction.

On the other hand, nutritional therapy helps the dog not to fall into a malnutrition state while undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment, allowing to conserve structures as important as proteins and muscle tissue.

In addition, certain nutritional supplements based on vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are of great importance to minimize the collateral damages that derive from the pharmacological treatment.


Acupuncture for dogs is a basic pillar in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) applied to pets.

Acupuncture has a very important similarity with other alternative therapies like homeopathy: it considers that the physical illness manifests as a consequence of a blocked or disturbed vital energy.

Through the insertion of fine needles into the dermis of the animal (in anatomical points known as meridians) the regulation of this energy is sought, as well as stimulate the animal’s immune system to improve the prognosis and evolution of the disease.

Obviously, as in all the therapies we named in this article, it should be carried out by a veterinarian who has furthermore trained in the therapy in question.


The homeopathy to animals is one of the therapies that are most frequently used in the veterinary field because of their surprising results .

With homeopathy we try to stimulate the own curative resources that the organism of the animal possesses and it is of great utility to achieve the following objectives in the treatment for cancer in dogs:

  • Improve immune system response
  • Improve the organism’s ability to self-regulate
  • Treating pain naturally
  • Protect the body from damage associated with chemotherapy
  • Improve the dog’s mood


Phytotherapy is the therapy with medicinal plants , plants that in some occasions act as potent as the drugs but in a much more innocuous and respectful way with the body of our puppies.

Medicinal plants can sometimes interact with pharmacological therapy, so the veterinarian should choose those that are compatible with the chemo that the animal is receiving.

We can use numerous medicinal plants in the treatment of dog cancer, plants with immunostimulating activity, anti-inflammatory and analgesic plants as well as plants of recognized anticancer activity.

Hygienic-dietary advice to prevent cancer in your pet

  • Try to make your dog follow a balanced diet , the organic feed is an excellent option
  • Under no concept should you give sweet food to your dog
  • Your dog should do daily exercise considering its possibilities and limitations
  • Whenever possible avoid the use of chemical drugs
  • Cover all your dog’s psychic and social needs to prevent stress or anxiety

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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