Aloe vera for cat’s skin

People who have decided to share their home with a cat may disprove through their own experiences all the false myths surrounding felines, such as being arrogant or just needing some care.

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What is certain is that the cat is an independent animal and explorer but it is precisely for these characteristics that requires our full attention, this because in his eagerness to discover his environment that surrounds it can suffer several damages. Fortunately, many of them can receive an effective natural treatment.

In this Animal Expert article we show you all the benefits and uses of aloe vera for cat skin .

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What is aloe vera and what are its medicinal properties?

Aloe vera is a succulent plant probably native to Arabia. It is also known as slug and although many people believe it is toxic to cats , the truth is that this is just a myth that has spread.

Aloe vera has multiple medicinal properties and many of them act on the skin. These properties are as follows and are scientifically demonstrated based on the chemical components found in the plant:

  • Antibiotic action thanks to the presence of aloethine
  • Antiseptic action conferred by saponin content
  • Support in the processes of regeneration of the skin thanks to the content of amino acids, essential for the formation of new tissues
  • Thanks to the presence of barbaloin, emolin and emodin, aloe vera naturally produces salicylic acid, which acts as an analgesic
  • Promotes wound healing thanks to monosodium phosphate, a growth agent that acts on tissues
  • It has mucilages, a vegetable and viscous substance that acts as emollient on the skin and keeps it protected
  • Improves skin hydration thanks to the presence of mucopolysaccharides
  • Anti-inflammatory action thanks to the presence of phytosterols

In which cases can we apply aloe vera on the cat’s skin?

Aloe vera is widely used to treat various disorders in pets, for example, its use in dog dermatitis is widespread, as it is also very beneficial for the skin of cats and represents a natural , respectful and very natural treatment. effective in the face of numerous dermatological conditions.

We can use it in the following cases:

  • Healing and wound healing
  • Skin allergy symptoms
  • Ulcers and canker sores (also buccal)
  • Inflammation of the skin by a bite of fleas or insects
  • Wounds on paw pads
  • Burn Injury

How to apply aloe vera on the cat’s skin?

Before applying aloe vera on a wound, it is imperative that you first clean the aloe vera by gently applying water and a neutral soap suitable for veterinary use.

Afterwards you can apply the juice of aloe vera on the affected region, repeating the application at least 3 times a day.

To get the aloe vera juice of good quantity you have two options:

  • Extract yourself from the pulp of aloe vera stalks, if you have plants of your own
  • Acquire a pure aloe vera gel (aloe vera should appear as the first component in the list of ingredients), preferably suitable for application on human skin (have a higher amount)

If you decide to extract the pulp from the stalks yourself, you must first make sure that your plant is of the species aloe vera barbadensis , since there are multiple species of aloe and not all of them have the same medicinal properties.

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