All about Wolves of the Throne War

Many followers of Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) have enjoyed the appearance of these wolves in reality dogs, cute and giants that have accompanied our favorite protagonists. If it is still the question of whether they are real, we must tell them that yes, they are, and that they have amazing lives.

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Discover in this article of the Animal Expert all about the wolves of the War of the Thrones : the race, their names, as they are, to whom they belong, unpublished photographs …

If you are a true expert and follower of the War of Thrones, you can not miss this complete article about your favorite series (and animals)!

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Wolf or dog?

In fiction, this canid is called the ” giant wolf ” a close relative of the wolf, large and strong looking. Appears for the first time when Lord Eddard Stark encounters a dead giant wolf along with his cubs. Far from wanting to kill them, Jon Snow asks Ned to let them live and offers them to each of his five legitimate children. When Ned is convinced, appears a sixth white cub that is offered to Jon.

In real life, these dogs belong to the Northern Inuit breed (Northern Eskimo Dog) and their real ancestry is unknown. They appeared between the 70s and 80s in Canada but the breed itself was developed in the United Kingdom. It is estimated that among his closest relatives is the Siberian husky , the Alaskan malamute , the German shepherd and the labrador retriever .

The Inuit northen was not accepted by FCI but by the British Kennel Club. In addition, there are several associations dedicated exclusively to the development of this breed. They are bondodos dogs, faithful and very attached to the owners, of giant size, these dogs stand out for their great resemblance to the wild wolf.

1. Nymeria e Arya Stark

In fiction Nymera is a tremendously faithful giant wolf who bites to then-prince Joffrey Baratheon to defend Arya. Fearing for her wolf’s death, Arya decides to force Nymeria to leave. His whereabouts are currently unknown. However, there are several occasions when Nymeria and Arya mentally connected.

2. Summer e Bran Stark

Summer, in the original version, is the name of the Bran Wolf and one of the bravest of the giant Wolves of the Strak, attacking without fear a White Walker. Throughout the series, they follow the Bran slavishly and remain very united, coming to enter into each other thanks to the capabilities of Bran as Warg. Summer sacrifices herself in the sixth season when the specters try to end with Bran.

In real life Bran tried by all means to adopt Summer, something that his family did not allow for having already two dogs in his house.

3. Shaggydog e Rickon Stark

Throughout the series, the wild Osha is the one who takes care of Rickon after the fall of the Stark. In the sixth season and before the battle of the bastards, Shaggydog is beheaded by Smalljon Umber who hands his head to Ramsay Bolton with his owner, to prove Rickon’s authenticity.

4. Grey Win e Robb Stark

Gray Wind (Gray Wind) is the real name of this beautiful wolf that faces Jaime Lannister when this is a hostage of Robb Strak. He is the protagonist of the battle of Cruzaboi because without him they could not have frightened the horses and killed a group of sentinels, which ended with the forces of Lannister. Gray Wind dies decapitated like his companion Robb by the Frey family who sews on Robb’s body the head of Gray Wind.

5. Lady e Sansa Stark

After Nymeria, the wolf of Arya, biting the then prince Joffrey Baratheon, which Arya forces to flee thus preventing his death imposed by Cersei Lannister, the queen was not satisfied with this escape and in turn asked the orte of Lady the wolf by Sansa. In the end it turns out to be Ned that ends Lady’s life before the butcher had time to do it himself.

In real life things were very different, Sophie Tuner became another of the famous that adopted a dog and can not avoid falling in love with “Dana” the real name of this dog so beautiful.

6. Ghost e Jon Snow

Ghost, a Portuguese ghost, is the wolf Jon Snow adopts. It is a red-eyed albino dog, it is the smallest of the litter. Ghost accompanies Jon throughout the series helping him to survive both him and Sam, companion of the Guard of the Night. Even after the traitors killed Jon Snow, Ghost continued to stand beside his master’s body.

Curiosities about the wolves of the War of the Thrones

  • During the production of the series several special effects were used to enhance the size and some aspects of these “giant wolves”. At times mixed images of real wolves with real dog actors.
  • The leadership asked all the young actors to play and play with the Inuit northen , and even offered them up for adoption. As happened to Sansa who fell in love and adopted Lady.
  • The giant wolves are inspired by the now extinct Canis dirus , a species of the Pleistocene that shared the habitat with the mammoth and saber-toothed tiger (Esmilodonte).

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