Tips to prevent the dog from pulling the tab

The advice to prevent the dog from pulling the tab will depend on the specific case of each dog, since this is not a widespread problem or lack of education, it is a much more serious problem that resides within the directly related animal with your well-being.

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It is likely that upon entering here expect to find tricks and quick solutions that make you walk comfortably down the street with your dog, but in reality it is something more complex. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to find answers that will help you both.

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The proper equipment

To begin with, you should have good equipment before you leave for the street, which will allow neither you nor the dog to get hurt due to this situation.

The dog pulling the guide exerts a great pressure on the neck that can lead to eye complications, especially in the case of young dogs. For this reason, our first advice is to get a comfortable and proper harness for him .

Want a personal recommendation? The Julius K9 is a great pectoral that will allow you to incorporate different fasteners, add elements like a flashlight or backpack to go to the mountain, etc. In addition it is reflector and shines in the dark, a very comfortable chest.

Now, to avoid pain in your hands every time he pulls hard, you should buy a tab with a padded band where you put your hand. Avoid extensible guides, too thin or hard materials. Once equipped and ready for adventure comes the key moment: start working with the dog.

If the dog pulls so much to the point of not being able to with it, your only option will be to get an anti- tug collar , with it you will not notice practically that your dog is pulling. In the image you can see the anti-tug leash, inform yourself how it should be placed in the chosen point of sale.

Causes that cause your dog to pull the tab

A dog that has been properly socialized since childhood , enjoys affection on the part of its relatives, does not suffer undue punishment and walks with the proper regularity, could pull only the guide by pure excitement and excitement to take to the street . For this segment we could try to extend the tour schedule and add more activity or exercise in your day to day.

Putting ourselves in another situation, when we talk about dogs with high levels of stress(protection dogs, poorly socialized dogs, etc.) we should ask ourselves if our animal is stressedremembering the 5 freedoms of animal welfare.

Finally, we must include another group of dogs that have some type of problem , whether of a psychological or symptomatic nature that can only be resolved by consulting the specialist.

Be wary of articles that suggest tricks such as using the short guide, stopping and walking in the opposite direction, among others. Your dog will not realize why it is acting that way.


YourCatCareguide helps you:

  • Stroll with your dog at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Let your dog smell the environment unimpeded during the walk to relax, although it is only advisable to approach urine if it is properly vaccinated, otherwise do not leave it.
  • Do not pull the tab, let it go in freedom.
  • Look for zones in which you can run.
  • Practice exercise and sport with your dog.
  • Do not scold her, practice positive reinforcement.
  • Do not punish him, a stressed dog can worsen his condition in the face of punishment.
  • Offer her warmth and support for as long as this happens.
  • Try to make the walks quiet and relaxed, enjoy the first thing in the morning or the last night.

These advice are universal and improve the quality of the ride and the routine of any dog, so if your case is serious our real recommendation is to consult a specialist who can help you solve your specific case. Keep reading to know who you have to go to.

To go to an ethologist

After reading the previous point, it may be that you clearly identify a stressed dog from a very active but if this is not your case we recommend that you consult an ethologist specialist .

What is an ethologist ? Ethologists are veterinarians specializing in animal psychology. In order to determine what happens to your dog and find out why it pulls the tab, it would be helpful to have one. An ethologist is able to expose the situation to resolve it and, as a veterinarian, can identify physical and mental problems.

The ethologist will not only analyze your dog’s behavior and well-being, but will also provide you with valuable help to solve it properly.

If you would like to read more articles that might be useful to you , we strongly urge you to agree to our Basic Education section .

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