Tips to prevent dog biting furniture

It is one of the most common dog behavior problems, especially in the dog stage although there are cases in adult ages. Maybe we do not mind biting old sneakers or an old cloth, but when it shows a fixation by the control of the tv, a purse or complements, surely will start to want to treat this problem as soon as possible.

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The important thing is to start as soon as possible to teach it based on patience and positive education and, of course, with this advice to prevent the dog from biting the furniture we have for you in YourCatCareguide.

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Dogs that bite furniture

Just as in the case of human babies, puppy puppies need to bite once they get their gums developing. In this way, they calm the anxiety that generates them. It is likely that because of the little experience they have they do not understand when you punish them or say no, because it is a procedure that must be repetitive and constant.

What can I do to keep my dog ​​from biting furniture?

  • The first step is to get a biter . There are many types and shapes, with sound and no sound, softer or harder. Choose a couple of different qualities so you can experiment with both.
  • Place the dog in an empty space with enough space to move around and give him the new biter. When you start to bite it, reward it using words such as “very well”, caresses and even some dog treat.
  • Interact with the dog and the biter, and each time you use it, re-award it.
  • While it is important to foster education through positive reinforcement , it is true that your puppy should learn the meaning of no . When biting, and only when biting a piece of furniture or an object not allowed, you should say a firm “No” and point to the object in question.
  • It can also give you a touch, for example, near the shoulder, while pronunciation “No”. This is a usual procedure among puppies from the same pack. This will divert your attention and when you are deconcentrated, you should put it in another space of the house and come back to offer you your biter.

Remember that this is a habit that you should acquire and as a puppy you are, it will take time to understand the whole process.

If the problem gets worse by biting our hands, you can use these two options:

  • Pretend a great pain : Just as your pack mates would do, if you utter a few shouts your dog will quickly understand the role.
  • Turn away from him : The moment he bites you, stop playing with him and go to the side without paying attention to him.

Adult dogs that bite furniture

The most serious and most anxious case is when the adult dog continues to bite furniture and objects without any control.

Why does my adult dog continue to bite furniture and objects?

In general, it is anxiety or poorly administered energy . We must be strict with the times of the walks, of exercise and of the meals, if all the needs of your dog are covered, we will move to the following point. In the case of anxiety, we recommend using the Kong , a specially created teething toy for these cases.

What can I do to make my dog ​​stop biting furniture?

  • Just like in the case of puppies, we will give you a biter suited to your size and, most important, you like. You can get two or three different ones (with sound, smaller ones that have lights, …) that will catch your attention and make you want to play.
  • Interact with your dog and the biter, catching his attention and rewarding him every time he bites you . The use of dog treats is also permitted.
  • It should also say a firm “No” when the dog is biting at the same moment some furniture or object not allowed. Doing it later would be a waste of time and would lead to confusion in the animal. Also, remove it from the object in question and immediately give it to your teether.

In the case of an adult dog, you should understand perfectly when you are doing something that you should not do, and if we give you a solution to your desire to bite it should be enough. Still, the dog will try to bite what it likes and should forbid it.

What can I do to make my dog ​​stop biting the furniture?

If you’ve tried all kinds of positive reinforcement, give it a plethora of appropriate toys and teethers and the problem persists, you can try these tricks:

  • Spray repellent : You can find in supermarkets a variety of sprays with a very bitter taste that dogs hate. Look for your favorite furniture and objects, and when he finds himself in another room or on the sidewalk, generously spray his favorite areas. If you are applying it on your furniture, look for a quality one in order to avoid varnish (although this is one of your minor problems).
  • Canine Coach : If you really do not have any ideas anymore and nothing of what is here has helped, look for a professional in the education of the dog. Think that if the problem persists it will generate anxiety in your pet and in you too, so avoid this situation once and for all by resorting to a professional who treat your pet as he deserves.

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