Advice to make your cat more sociable

Is your cat an affectionate and loving feline with you but tends to be a little reckless with other people? Or, is he simply distant from everyone, including himself and his own human family and would like it to be different?

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Although some cats have a more detached nature than others, and this is something that we must know to accept, this distance can expand and encourage or do exactly the opposite, be reduced in the early stages of development and throughout the life of the cat .

If you want your cat to be more open, you and your family can help you. Keep reading this article from Animal Expert, where we will give you some advice to make your cat more sociable .

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Early socialization

Educating your cat since childhood is the key . Many people try to socialize their adult cat and it is then that they notice in this detail. We must accustom our cat, as long as it is a puppy, to be surrounded and to live with other people and animals. This will make you get used to socializing on a regular basis.

If you want your cat to be sociable, the best way is to educate him from an early age, socializing, making an effort to create a cordial and open cat, giving him affection and positive contact.

The process begins naturally from the first day of life, when the cat begins to relate to his mother and, later, to his brothers. This teaches you how to communicate according to the feline language. Later, around three months, when it will be possible to separate him from his mother, the cat should continue his socialization, relating to dogs, cats, children and adults.

Using positive reinforcement to attract you and make your experience more positive is extremely important. Involve all family members in the activities and dynamics that they establish, do not want them to be sociable only with themselves and with others.

Positive social links

Have the whole family spend time with the cat. Let them see you as friends, protectors and food providers, in this way the bond will be positive and enjoyable for him. Perform daily routines where the main purpose is to know that the cat is a more caring and sociable animal.

One suggestion might be to feed him several times a day in small amounts. Do not put a lot of food on it once a day, otherwise your cat will not realize who the person with such love gives him to eat. Doing so on different occasions will reinforce the idea that you are the one who feeds you. When you give him the ration, when opening the food can talk to him and comment on how good his food is. Paying attention to these small details is crucial, since he will feel how much he is loved.

Love and pure love

The physical contact you have with him tries to always be with love . This improves any relationship. Play with it, enjoy your presence and let it enjoy yours. Talk to him, cuddle and brush your cat so he gets used to the contact without being overwhelmed. Respect your safe space and draw your cat close to you with gentle words and treats.

Make it feel important within the family nucleus. Without insistence, have the whole family spend time with him talking and playing, while giving him attention but letting him get close to his own foot. Let him interact with everyone, adults and children.

If you follow all these advice with perseverance and patience , you will see how in a short time the cat will change from being distant to sociable and mair to loving. The relationship will cease to be distant to be very close. Everything is progressive, this can be a process that lasts for days, weeks or even months.

Play time

Everything that has to do with play activities, makes the cat more sociable, has more interaction with other people, improves his intelligence and contributes to the development of curiosity. It is crucial for cats to play a piece of the day, and better yet, if you do it in the company of family or other animal friends, it is also a great way to strengthen links.

Do not try to pressure the cat with games that may be somewhat invasive. For example, cats, unlike dogs, do not like them so much. Your pet may feel trapped and scared. Discover the best cat toys on the market that best suit you.

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