Advice for Adopting a Rabbit

It is very common to talk about adoption of dogs and cats, but there are other animals that are also abandoned around the world, and in this case we will talk about rabbits.

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For all those pro-animal people like you who are interested in adopting a new rabbit, today we share and tell you about this problem that affects over 600 million pets worldwide. Adopting a rabbit is possible!

Continue to slow down this article by YourCatCareguide and find out about adopting rabbits .

Causes of abandonment of rabbits

Although it is difficult for us to understand how one can detach oneself from a ball of hair as beautiful as a rabbit, it is certain that this happens. Despite being an intelligent, quiet and sociable animal, the rabbit like any other pet requires, like any other beast of a series of responsibilities:

  • Food and drink
  • A cage
  • Socialization
  • Exercise

It should provide you with hygiene, warmth and toys so that it develops and thus has a healthy and happy copy. If you do not have enough resources to keep it you should know that abandonment is not a solution with how many people there are and who would like to have one.

Always remember that a friend does not buy, welcomes.

The main causes of abandonment are usually the same as in the case of cats, dogs, turtles, etc:

  • Lack of time
  • Vaccines
  • Lack of economic resources
  • Allergies
  • News
  • Birth of children

If you decide to take responsibility for adopting an animal, you should be so responsible if any of these problems happen to you, so you should devote time and energy to finding a home where you can develop and live a full and happy life. It does not matter if we are not prepared, you do not know how to take care of him or our life has taken an unexpected turn, your little heart keeps beating and you are the only person who can make it happen.

Inquire properly before adopting a new pet, in this case a rabbit, is critical to prevent such problems in the future.

Why should I adopt a rabbit?

Many people dedicate time and resources to the abandonment of animals, we can find shelters where cages or places are available for rabbits while waiting to be adopted, we can also find shelters , volunteers who keep them and take care of them in their houses until they appear someone for the definitive host of the rabbit.

Many of them are found in gardens and parks of cities around the world, hungry, alone and injured. Leaving a rabbit in a park is a death sentence; it has no ability to survive on its own after a lifetime of captivity.

Here is a list of reasons why you should adopt a rabbit instead of buying it:

  • They need to be adopted, they do not have a home to live in.
  • They are very intelligent and playful animals that will give you unforgettable moments
  • Little bunnies are sweet
  • Adult rabbits already know where to make their needs, have tried various foods and all kinds of objects
  • The rabbit will recognize you and will like you.
  • It can give a happy ending to a sad story

Forget the prejudices of all those people who only notice the “cute” or “babies”. A rabbit can be as beautiful as any other after a good shower, and an adult specimen will not need the education and constant attention that baby rabbits need.

Adopt a rabbit and give it the name it deserves !

Where can I adopt a rabbit?

In any dead Internet search you can enter the words ” Adopt rabbit ” followed by your country or city. There are several associations for the care of rodents, lagomorphs and other small mammals. Contribute to your “grain of sand” if you want a long-eared companion, adopt a rabbit !

Must know that home center has its own delivery policy and has different requirements for adoption to take place. In these places of welcome you will be given a vaccinated copy and with the chip that will have your data. Look for official pages and do not rely on private ads that ask you for money on your lap. You can live several times with your rabbit for several years. See our article on how long you’ve seen a rabbit .

In addition, remember that you can volunteer and even offer your home as a welcome home for those animals that are not lucky enough to have a home

Requirements for adopting a rabbit

Before adopting a rabbit remember that you must meet a number of basic requirements , if you do not believe that you can comply with them, think about adopting a different copy that you can take care of:

  • Feeding : The rabbit needs a varied diet between feed, hay, fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
  • Cage : It should provide you with adequate and ample space, as well as basic utensils such as water cooler, food dispenser and wood chips.
  • Hygiene : The feeding utensils should be cleaned daily, as well as a weekly cleaning of the cage and the care of the hair through hygienic baby wipes for example (not advised
  • Exercise : Your rabbit should go out a couple of times daily from the cage to exercise. It can give you some paths or a safe space where you can move without danger.
  • Health : Like another pet, the rabbit should receive their vaccines periodically and need to go to the vet if they have any problems, this involves an economic cost.
  • Relation : The rabbit is a social animal, which if it does not have other members of its species with whom to relate will feel sad and apathetic. Play with him to stimulate him.

To finish you just have to know that the abandoned rabbit just needs someone who wants and care for him, and the fundamental, and do not abandon him again!

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