10 advice for photographing dogs

Nowadays photography has an important role in our lives. So many books, the media, the Internet, social networks, applications and other endless options, allow us to consume, send or receive photographs of all kinds. Social networks allow you to share what you think and what you like with others, and this also includes the time you spend with your dog.

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A fun photo session between you and your dog will not only serve to relax, but also allow you to share all this affection with the world. Many dogs and cats around the world have their own Instagram or Facebook account, where their families publish the most hilarious moments of their animals. Who knows if yours can not be one of them? That’s why we show you these 10 tips for photographing dogs .

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1. Discover the world from the perspective of your dog

A very common mistake when photographing animals is to do it from a human perspective, without being equal to their pet , from where he sees the world differently. Proceeding this way causes the pictures to go out a little distant and lifeless.

We invite you to crouch down or throw yourself on the ground if you need to, so that you notice things as your dog does and can make a great photo. Lie down next to him and you’ll get a beautiful picture of him and the world around you.

2. Focus your attention on your look

It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul , and this applies also to animals. The look of your puppy expresses your mood and we ensure that it will perfectly show your personality.


3. Do not force situations

Making a picture of your puppy expecting it to remain quiete is a bit tricky, and you’re more likely to get frustrated out of it. Dogs, even the quieter ones, very rarely stay for long while awake.

Instead, enjoy the fun , racing, and fun moments to capture your dog’s entire personality while doing what he likes the most. A spontaneous photo will show more clearly the essence of your dog, especially if you feel happy.

4. Take your toys

The puppy’s favorite toys will not only serve to keep him distracted, but will also serve to capture funny moments. You can start a fun fight with your favorite doll, or use it as a decoy over your head to look at the camera. However you can also use a stick or any object you have around.

5. Have the camera close at hand

Whether it’s your cell phone or a digital, if you want beautiful pictures of your dog, it’s best to always have a camera nearby, since pets are so spontaneous that they never know when to do something fun or adorable .

6. Nunca use flash

If it ever dazzled by a flash I did not expect, so imagine how uncomfortable it is for your dog, who is not even aware of what a photograph is. When it comes to capturing these good moments with your pet, the flash is completely out of the question : not only will it be unpleasant for him and it will scare him, in addition, often the eyes go out red or with expressions not pleasant.

7. Look for natural light

The best pictures with your puppy will happen with natural light. If you are playing with him in the park enjoy to get some, without neglecting what you are doing with the dog. Indoors, prefer the places closest to the windows to receive the light coming from outside. The results will be satisfactory.

8. Set up your camera

If you take photos with your mobile phone, chances are that it will not offer you many options. Look for a type of exposure that better captures the light and colors of the surrounding environment.

If, on the other hand, you use a camera, whether digital or roll, you can make broader changes. For very restless animals, using the burst option is very useful since it allows you to take many pictures in just seconds, ideal for capturing the action of a joke or a race.

Also, adjust the shutter at a fast speed for sharpness or accuracy. If you want to try it, you can try different lenses that allow more light to enter, or even with a fish eye.

9. Do not bring it too close to the camera

Dogs tend to be very nervous if we manipulate objects near their face, and in these cases we can see some signs of withdrawal that indicate that they feel uncomfortable :

  • Licking excessively
  • Turn the head
  • Bocejar
  • Give us your back

10. Have fun!

Taking a picture of your dog or taking pictures together should be fun for both of you, another way to share your lives. You will see how you can spend a good time not only when you take the photos as well as the moment you review the final result.

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