Advice for photographing cats

Like any father, he is completely in love with his cat and of course, he thinks he is the most beautiful cat in the world. He spends his time doing funny and interesting things or just strolling around beautifully and you can not get that picture you wanted. Surely you have a cell phone or your camera’s SD full of photos of your furry little friend.

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What most like this process is to show the photos to your family and friends so that they even see that he has a super cat, and that they fall in love as much as you for him. The problem is that many of these photos do not go as well as they would like and are never shown.

Then in this article from Animal Expert we put together the best advice for photographing cats . With this little guide will turn out to be the best photographer of your cat and will achieve the best results so that you can show your photos with the greatest pride.

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Capture Your Attention

Avoid force your cat to do something he does not want to do. Always treat him with a lot of respect and bet on your natural curiosity . You can use toys, treats or even some food to catch your eye.

If you want photos where he is quiet but a little attentive, a good time to photograph him will be a few minutes after waking from his nap . As you woke up a short time ago, you will not be too restless.

It’s best to stay at your level.

Crouch down and photograph your cat from your height level . A very common mistake is wanting to catch the cat’s attention from our height. When we look down, we reduce the cat so much that it does not quite match the surrounding landscape. Shooting at your height will increase the chances of your cat looking straight at the camera and shooting a beautiful portrait.

The jib point should always be in the cat’s eyes, in this way, it will create positive tension in your photo, meaning more emotion . Out of focus eyes are a sign of bad photography. Depending on the framing you choose, make sure you do not cut the ears, paws or tail of your little friend in the photo.

The Right Time

If you want to get spectacular photos, you should have the camera with you at all times. The most spontaneous moments will always be the most beautiful and interesting. Be patient, it may be delayed, but this “decisive moment” will surely come. Your cat will not wait for you to get the perfect picture, and will hardly have the same behavior more than once. Stay alert, but do not live thinking about it either.

It is best to learn to know the personality and behavior of your cat . Try to photograph it being simply it, the photograph will be even more personal. Once you’re standing, lying as you want or jumping, it’s time to shoot.

The best time to photograph your cat is at dusk . The light is softer, so the shadows on your face and skin will be much smaller. Natural light is always the best option, especially when your feline is taking a walk on the grass or climbing trees.

Not a cartoon character

Remember that your cat is not an animated comic character. Cats are graceful and graceful creatures , so avoid fantasies and disguises or ridiculous makeup. Do not force him to poses that are not his own. Try to do fun and quirky things with your cat, but always emphasizing your cat’s attitudes and qualities.

Another factor that can turn them into strange characters is red eyes. The flash light pops up at the top of the cat’s eyes and reflects off the lens. How to eliminate this? The best option is to avoid flash completely and use more natural light or artificial light available on the spot.

Other advices

  1. Try different angles but be aware of your cat’s good and bad angles. If sitting seems a bit wider, then catching it while stretched or standing may be the best option. Prove your profiles, they will certainly be fantastic.
  2. Capture the contrast between your cat and the background . If your cat is black, it would look great against a totally white wall, moreover, it is a good opportunity to try the black and white technique.
  3. Speaking of scenery, you should not forget it either, use it in your favor. Frame your feline in a beautiful and expressive background . It will help give the photo a bit of depth.
  4. If you want to photograph your cat while you are running or jumping, do not feed it first. You can be bad to him.
  5. Among the most beautiful moments to photograph cats is nap time . You will see how your cat has more tender and curious postures, perfect for freezing in a photo. However, try to make no noise, your cat may seem to sleep in a very deep, but at the slightest noise will wake up.

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