5 advice for coexistence between dogs and cats

It is possible that dogs and cats live in harmony even though they are different species of very different nature. A peaceful relationship among the animals in the house is very important as it allows you to enjoy your pets without any worry.

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Discover in this article of YourCatCareguide these 5 advices for the coexistence between dogs and cats to begin to enjoy a harmonious coexistence in your home.

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Respect the organization of each species

Dogs organize their society into packs through a hierarchy where there is only one dominant animal. On the other hand, cats are solitary animals that simply defend their territory. This difference can trigger some conflicts.

From this we can deduce that we must respect the hierarchy of the dog, in that it will be the dominant animal in relation to the cat, but we must also respect and facilitate the territoriality of the cat, giving it a space of its own that can not be invaded by the dog.

Present the animals

It does not matter if the new animal is the cat or the dog, the animal that already resides in our house must know it, and has preference over the new “tenant”.

It is a very important moment, and you should try to avoid over-excitement so that both of you are calm. For this reason we recommend that the resident of your house before meeting the new animal has eaten, drunk and is tired after a walk or a play session. That way we are reducing the hunting instinct.

What should we do to introduce both animals ?

  1. Do not take the cat in your arms, it may scratch, and we recommend that you trim your nails so you can not injure the dog if the encounter runs less well.
  2. Tie both animals with a strap , this way we avoid that both can hurt each other.
  3. Approach them little by little without forcing your union. respect their looks, let them smell, and observe their behavior.
  4. If the behavior is correct and both animals are calm let them interact and reward each other with animal treats.
  5. If on the contrary the behavior is aggressive , ie in case the dog wants to chase the cat or the cat try to scratch the dog should say No firmly. Separate both animals in different quarters without removing the strap from any of them and repeat the process until both animals are relaxed in the same room.

How do I get both pets to relax ?

If the encounter was very negative and both animals are restless and nervous because of each other’s presence should work with both. Ask a family member or friend for help in this reconciliation process.

Choose a spacious or roomy room or house if possible and bring the beds of both animals, cat and dog. Leave the doors open so that you do not feel anxious to be closed and with the help of another person relax both animals. Some tricks are to exercise with the dog while your relative plays with the cat, for example.

Work one of your pets home and try to distract them and make them feel comfortable, you can put a soft music to give environment while caressing them. Try to bring them closer on several occasions until the behavior is contemptuous or respectful. If this behavior is not possible, for a while you should keep the dog and the cat in different divisions doing this work in the same space so that they become accustomed to the presence of each other, to the smell, etc. If the work is too complicated for you or the results are too bad to refer to a professional.

Start living together from the first stage

The coexistence between dog and cat does not have to be necessarily bad, quite the opposite. Motivate your two pets to learn tricks and orders, as well as reward them whenever they do something right .

You should take care of education with positive reinforcement from the first day of living, remember that the home and the domestication process have made it possible for these two animals, which in nature can be aggressive, to live in peace and harmony. Work domestication together with the education of the two. Make your home a happy home for both.

Give them food in separate areas

We must not forget that both dogs and cats are predatory animals , this indicates that it is very easy to start a dispute for food that can end a bite or a scratch, to avoid any incident is necessary that each animal eat in a space different from the other animal. In time and if you gain friendship you will not need to separate them.

Nor should you allow one to eat the food of the other, make them respect each other, whether there is food in the middle or not, at least in their presence they must respect each other.

Toys for all

Although it may seem obvious advice is important to reinforce this putting, since this advice is more useful than you might think. Jealousy and the desire to have a toy can greatly worsen a relationship between dog and cat.

The dog has a social nature and cats tend to have a more active predatory instinct. These different behaviors can be softened through the use of toys that channel the hunting instinct in cats thus avoiding the predatory behaviors, will exteriorize their nature in a harmless way.

On the other hand, the dog will find in the toy an object that belongs to him, something that will make the dog feel safe and at home.

Give several toys to each of them in various colors, shapes and some may even make noise. Both the dog and the cat will thank you and moreover it is providing them with a distraction for when you are not present .

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