Advice for caring for kittens

Is there anything more adorable than a kitten puppy? Probably for feline lovers there is no picture more sweet than that of a cat coming home in its early stages of life. For the cat, this is a stage of discovery and learning, on the other hand, for the owner, this can be the sweetest step that lives thanks to the new member of the family.

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It is very easy to fall in love with the image of a kitten, however, our actions must go further and we must do everything possible to favor the best development, and this comprises a series of care that are of great importance.

Do you have questions about how to care for a kitten? In this Animal Expert article we show you the best advice to take care of kittens .

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The feeding of the kitten

The cat food is always a determining factor on the health status of the same, more so in the early stages of life, in which the food provided should be as similar to breast milk . Fortunately, there are already milk-based preparations capable of replacing the feline milk, which we can administer with great patience and love through a plastic syringe.

Meals should be made every 2 hours and should never be spaced more than 4 hours, each intake should contain 10 centiliters of milk. To administer it correctly we must take the kitten by hand and keep it in a semi-inclined position, always looking for it that does not choke on the milk.

Approximately from the month and a half of life the cat can already begin steadily feeding solid , always using specific preparations for cat puppies. Read our full article on the age at which cats begin to eat ration .

Stimulate excretion functions

When a kitten is too small she can not urinate or defecate on her own . It has to be Mommy’s cat to stimulate you. In the absence of the mother, it is very important to fulfill this function, since the capacity of the rectum and urinary bladder is very reduced and any type of retention can be harmful.

You should take a cotton swab and moisten it in warm water, then gently massage the anal and perianal region. This practice should be done every three shots.

A suitable environment

For a small cat to develop properly it is imperative that we keep it in a suitable space. It should be a ventilated space but at the same time protected from drafts , a cardboard box is a good option, but obviously should be covered with a blanket so that the kittens can maintain a good body temperature.

A small garo has very little subcutaneous fat and so maintaining body temperature is imperative. So, underneath the cotton blanket we should put a hot water bag that will be renewed periodically.

Deworm or cat

A very small cat that has been separated from its mother prematurely can have many complications derived from the weakness of its immune system. For this reason, very veterinarian recommend to use an anti-parasitic immunoregulator from the first days of life.

Obviously you should not apply such a product on your own, least of all if we talk about a kitten puppy. You should have the prior advice of a veterinarian.

Recognize at an early stage any anomaly

Any cat is susceptible to numerous health problems, however, this risk increases when a cat is a baby. It is therefore important to know the symptoms that may be indicative of disease :

  • Hair Changes
  • Odorless ears or dark secretions
  • Cough and frequent sneezing
  • Lack of movement in the tail

If you notice any of these symptoms it is crucial that you go to the vet as soon as possible.

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