Advice for a dog and a cat to get along

Can dogs and cats be friends? Of course, but it will depend on many factors to achieve a harmonious coexistence between both. To do this, you must prepare the presentation of the dog and the cat properly, know how to adapt both before the presence of the other and know what to do if they are wrong.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we explain to you step by step some advice for a dog and a cat to get along . Take note of our tips and be sure to consult a professional if the situation is really serious.

Keep reading and do not forget to comment to share any questions that may arise during the process or the tricks you used in your case.

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How can you tell if the dog and the cat will get along?

Puppies and cats are sociable animals by nature, however, if they were separated from the litter before 3 months and did not have an appropriate socialization process they can become solitary animals that reject the presence of other animals.

If the two animals you want to join are already adult specimens you should take more precautions, however if one or both are puppies you will probably have a better host from the pet you have at home. It will depend on each case .

If you suspect that your dog or cat may develop a very negative attitude towards the presence of the other animal, it is highly recommended to use a professional such as an ethologist : a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior and behavior.

The presentation of both

Knowing how to present a cat to a dog will be critical to getting a good acceptance of the other animal. Ideally, keeping the cat and dog isolated in the early days , this is because, usually the resident pet will notice the appearance of the new animal as a violation of its territory.

Each animal will have its spaces, its bed, feeder, water fountain and several toys. It is important to try to respect the utensils of the animal that already resides at home and leave them in the same places as always. Otherwise it may impair the presentation of both.

For a few days you should begin to accustom the animals to the smell of each other to become familiar and recognize each other when they first see each other. Remember that animals, dogs and cats, identify themselves through the odor , so swapping blankets or toys will be a very useful step forward.

After this time we will prepare the house where they will meet the first time. They should have a ” safe zone ” where the cat can shelter if chased by the dog on the first encounter. For this you should have shelves for cats, multi-story scrapers or cat litter. It is very important to have these elements if we do not want some incident to happen.

In the first meeting we can keep the dog stuck if we are not sure of its reaction, however if we prepare well the zone of security does not have to worry. At the first meeting you should be very attentive to the attitude of the dog and the cat. If it is not positive try to guide the dog with treats to your area again.

Repeat this process occasionally and gradually increase the time until you begin to tolerate and respect. It may be that in the beginning there are grunts and roseros, it is normal, give them time.

Adapting to the new situation

as I said earlier, it will be fundamental to repeat the dog and the dog’s encounters so that they both get used to each other. At this stage of the process, a little mischief may appear, especially on the part of the cat, try to devalue the bad behavior and use whenever you can positive reinforcement to praise the attitudes you like instead of scolding the attitudes you do not like.

Over time, patience and the use of positive education will at least tolerate each other. Remember that we talk about a long process in some cases. While in certain situations they will quickly become friends, others may take months to accept. Keep this in mind.

What to do if the dog and cat get sick

If your dog and cat do not seem to want to get along, it will be very important to take security measures so that a bad encounter does not happen. Never leave your cat and dog together in a room without your supervision and confirm that the cat can take refuge in your “safe zone” whenever you want.

Show them both the affection they deserve but always in an equal way. Do not overeat one of the two and always start with the animal you already had at home. He should always be the first to receive food and caresses but to the same extent as the new pet .

If you notice bad behavior on the part of one of you, do not yell or scold , it is important to redirect the situation in a positive way. Do not forget that animals take their owners as an example. If they see you restless, negative and nervous you will probably feel this tension and this will spill over into a worse encounter. Try to be calm.

However, always reward yourself with observing good behavior: they smell, respect each other, remain calm … You should positively reinforce everything you like and fit into a serene and friendly coexistence. Do not forget that reinforcement does not always mean giving snacks or treats to our pets. A loving word and even the parties are an excellent reinforcement so that the coexistence of the dog and the cat is more harmonious.

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