Advantages of Having a Cat Mutt

There are approximately 100 breeds of cats officially recognized by the competent bodies in this matter, however, they all have the typical characteristics of the felines: an independent character, a conservation of the natural hunting instinct, great concerns for exploring its environment, a great sense of hygiene and an astounding physical agility.

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Generally people who choose to host a cat in their home know that these are the main characteristics of these pets, but sometimes seek a concrete aesthetic that matches a particular breed, and this is a completely respectable decision, although in this article Talk about other cats.

In this article of Animal Expert we explain to you what are the advantages of having a cat mutt .

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What is a mutt cat?

We can define the concept of cat mutt in different ways, perhaps the simplest is to say that a cat mutt is a cat that does not match a pattern of a particular breed , however, should know that the cat mutt has its own characteristics and history.

The mutt cat is also known as the domestic cat or the common cat. It is a species that has developed from wild felines from Africa, such as the African wildcat (Felix Libyca) and the wildcat (Felix Chaus).

These cats arrived from Egypt to Europe and it was in this continent where they crossed with the wild cat-European (Felix Silvestris), giving place to the cat that is now known as the cat mutt, a medium-sized, large cat diversity of colors and a character so affectionate and intelligent.

The mutt cat is the most common in our homes, and not surprisingly, since your company confers several advantages that you can see next.

1. A loving cat like few others

Cats have an independent and exploratory character but this should not be confused with the fact that they are arrogant, although in this sense each race presents specific characteristics.

The mutt-cat is one of the most affectionate cats attached to the human family. It is a cat with great communication skills , waiting for the owner to arrive home anxiously, melting in ronrons and demonstrations of affection.

Obviously, it is a cat that needs a lot of company and affection to be able to enjoy a full state of well-being.

2. An iron health

A mestizo cat does not suffer degeneration by consanguinity , that is, do not present those diseases that have genetic origin and that appear in certain races, as is the case of renal polycystic disease .

The mutt cat has been exposed to multiple crosses and this makes it have a genetics and a very resistant organism. In fact, it has already been observed that these cats have a greater immune response .

Obviously, this does not imply that you do not need care, since all pets need to be taken care of properly.

3. A unique and unrepeatable cat

Mutt cats are animals of extraordinary beauty and are not comparable to any other catsince they have characteristics that make them unique and unrepeatable.

In this sense, a cat of a certain breed will present more similarities with another cat that is considered of the same breed, on the other hand, if we buy the mutt cats, one may be completely different from the other.

4. A long-term companion

Due precisely to their physical stamina and the absence of genetic diseases, mutt cats are very long-lasting since they can get to live about 20 years .

The bond that forms with this pet after so many years sharing the same home is truly astounding and it is very gratifying for the owner to be able to accompany his cat in each of its vital stages. Obviously, when a feline gets older, I should be pampered and we should give him all the necessary care for an elderly cat.

5. Mutt cats encourage adoption

Some breeds of cats, such as exotic cats, are truly fascinating; However, these are not typical breeds that can be found in an animal shelter, they are breeds that you can usually buy.

On the other hand, mutt cats are often rejected because they are not pure-bred , so it is very common for these lovely cats to be waiting for a host family.

Share your home with a cat mutt and encourage the adoption of these incredible animals that are affectionate, intelligent, resilient and of extreme beauty.

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