Advantages of Adopting a Cat Cub

When thinking about adopting a pet is normal, many questions arise, such as cat or dog, big or small, these are just some of the questions that many owners have. At YourCatCareguide we want to help you make the best decision so that you can adopt an animal in a quiet way. If you have decided on a cat instead of a dog, know that there are some advantages of adopting a cat , especially if there are children in your family, as they will enjoy more while learning.

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Aside from talking about the advantages in this article, let’s also talk about the differences in relation to an adult cat and, you will see how it will come to quite interesting conclusions, whether you already have a cat as a pet as if it were a novice owner.

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How to be a good adoptive parent and mom?

There are certain considerations that we must take into account to avoid some consequences, mainly related to the physical and psychological development of the feline. Whenever possible, you should inquire as to when you can separate the kitten from its parent. It is advisable to keep small children away from their mother only after 6 weeks of age .

Although it is very tempting and might like to raise a puppy from a small bottle feeding with milk, you should know that separating it before your mother’s time can have negative consequences for your health and may encourage the emergence of behavioral problems.

Premature separation of kittens

For its correct development, we should respect the age of the little one, although sometimes the circumstances make us have to do of parents of a small feline. Either because the mother died or because we found him in the abandoned street.

The first thing to keep in mind is to try to calculate your age, since the first month of life is critical. For this, you can take it to a veterinarian to guide you and guide you in this new challenge. Anyway, we’ll give you a short guide to guide you:

  • Between 10 – 12 days old : will open your eyes, before it will only creep. At this point he begins to explore and walk awkwardly.
  • Between 14-20 days of age : the tips of your incisor teeth will appear in the gums and from the 20 days will appear the molars and canines.

This information is for guidance only, so it is important to always follow the advice of a professional. What we can not fail to mention is the small can not thermoregulate its body temperature, reason why it is necessary that where to find has a temperature of 28 degrees constant. When the puppies are next to your mother it is the one that is responsible for its temperature, but if this is not possible you should be responsible for offering the necessary care for a cat .

Receiving the puppy from home

One of the main advantages of adopting a puppy cat is to see it grow , teach it according to our tastes and adapt it as best as possible to our human family. You will begin to discover the jokes with him, always respecting your will and curiosity when it comes to learning. Before you receive the kitten at home, it is critical to prepare for your arrival and buy a water cooler, food, toys and your bed.

Teach your children that the puppy is not a toy

If at home there is a child, then have an extra commitment, teach your children to respect you as a living being, teach them that it is not a toy anymore. They should not use it as a toy or hurt it. Children often understand this well and, depending on their ages, are commitments that we can incorporate into the education of our children.

It is one more way to focus your attention and the better the relationship with other children, since when inviting friends home they will explain how they should relate to the puppy and the toys they can have with him. In addition, it also boosts our children’s immune system by decreasing, especially allergies.

And the elderly?

Just as we highlight the benefit to our children in having a kitten cat by teaching them how to care for this pet, it is the same time to choose the age of the feline for the elderly . This tends to cause some uncertainty and some fears when it comes to thinking about whether to adopt a cat. It is important that you speak well to people, because often the best option is an adult cat that accompanies them and does not cause them so much commitment at the time of its creation.

Remember that…

  • You should respect your period of socialization to develop a correct temperament (around your 8 weeks of life).
  • Do not humanize him , remember that it is a feline.
  • You should know your food and hygiene needs .
  • Choose a long-haired cat only if you have time to brush it, otherwise the best is short-haired.
  • Prepare the house before the small one arrives.
  • Adopting is a gesture of love and your little feline will always be grateful.

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