Adopting an adult dog – Advice and recommendations

The adotação dogs is one of the most responsible and sustainable practices to promote animal rights, since it allows the dignity of an abandoned animal , and ceases to participate in the market of buying and selling animals. In this way, in the YourCatCareguide we reject the creation of dogs in private houses and we offer support to all those volunteers who dedicate the time and effort so that the quality of life of these dogs is the best possible.

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Adoption by itself is a handsome act of those people who love animals, but you should keep in mind that older or older dogs also need love and a home, not just the puppies. In addition, an adult dog offers many attributes that many people are unaware of, so to find out how to adopt an adult dog , in this article of ExpertAnimal we give you some advice and recommendations .

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Adoption as the first option

Despite the various identification and sterilization campaigns being carried out these days, there are still many dogs that are abandoned or have adopted the condition of street dogs since the beginning of their lives. This unpleasant fact is intensifying in some geographical areas.

Currently in each shelter or center of animals arrive on average 5 dogs and 3 cats per day. Scary values ​​that make us want, more than ever, to adopt an adult dog.

If we take this picture into account, we should understand that buying an animal should be the last option, since it will not contribute to ending the dogfight and encourages the creation in homes, a practice totally inadvisable.

And if there is a group of animals that especially needs a responsible adoption is the case of the elderly dogs , at first it may be that the idea can soon be discarded, but the truth is that it has many advantages.

Advantages of Adopting an Adult Dog

It is considered an adult dog when it is more than a year and a half. Adult dogs are abandoned everywhere and many, because of inexperienced owners or people who do not know what it takes to have a dog.

The truth is that many people turn to adoption centers hoping to find a lovely dog ​​to teach everything they need to know, but in turn, there are many more dogs of 3, 5 and 7 years waiting for the same opportunity.

Why should we adopt an adult dog? What are the advantages?

  • Adult dogs know how to relate to other animals.
  • They have a definite personality, you can judge if it is the one that is best for you.
  • You can do exercise and activities with them.
  • You can take them outside without waiting for vaccination.
  • They know how to do their needs on the street.
  • They will not bite objects and furniture at home as a learning practice.
  • He knows orders and basic behavior.
  • He will be close to you and will always follow you, for he will become your savior.

In addition to all these advantages, adopting an adult dog is a salvation for them, since many will end up sacrificing or waiting all their lives for being welcomed. There are cases of dogs that spend more than 7 years in the same cage. Want to be you to give them a better future?

If you are interested in adopting an elderly dog

What are the advantages of an old dog ?

  • It accumulates a lifetime of experience in the treatment of other animals.
  • He is also experienced in treatment with humans.
  • It is a quiet and calm dog.
  • Understand basic orders.
  • Do your needs on the street, as you should.
  • Needs less physical activity, this is ideal for people with little or advanced age.
  • It will not bite objects or furniture.
  • Already trained.
  • It can offer you a dignified finish.
  • You will feel better and more accomplished.

These are some of the endless advantages that an old dog offers. A dog with which you can also perform activities of all kinds. It is also important to note that an elderly dog ​​has a stressful life within a shelter center, so adopting it is an act of very generosity.

Advice for Adopting a Shelter Dog

If we are not volunteers from the shelter in which we intend to adopt the dog, it will be difficult to know what your particular character is , but we can make an attempt to find out who is behind the fence waiting for your new home:

  • You should explain to the volunteers and leaders of the center the behavior that we want to find in our future companion: active, quiet, cheerful, reserved …

To find the perfect puppy for you, you should make a short list of the options that people who spend time with the dogs recommend. Once the list is drawn up, follow the advice given below :

  • Walking with a dog and a volunteer is the best way to discover their character, behavior and way of walking.
  • Giving a puppy a treat (dog specific) is a great way to capture your attention and establish a friendship.

Attention, remember:

  • Closed dogs suffer much more stress, for this reason they bark, this is their way of communicating and expressing the will they have to get out of there.
  • Other dogs remain calm and calm, but make no mistake, apathy is another form of expression of the dog in the face of a serious situation and discontent.
  • Do not be afraid of dogs, most shelter dogs never bit anyone. Stress can lead to stereotypies (repetitive movements) and uncontrolled activity, but that does not mean they are dogs with mental problems.
  • Potentially dangerous dogs are not really dangerous, they are labeled this way because their teeth are stronger than those of other dogs. Overall, potentially dangerous dogs take much longer to be adopted, so think about hosting one.
  • If you decide to go with your children to adopt a dog, this is a great example that can teach you how to help the weak. People always adopt the puppies, so a good option is to adopt an adult dog, a sick dog or a problem dog. You can also adopt two dogs: one elderly and one young.

If you want to read more articles the less you know about Adopt an adult dog – Advice and recommendations , we recommend you to enter our section of What you need to know .

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