Adopt a male or female dog?

If you are thinking about adopting a dog you are very likely to have doubts about whether to choose a male or female. Both options will fill your home with love and joy, but there are small differences in behavior that you can evaluate before you adopt.

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In this article of Animal Expert we will see along with you these details so that you decide, evaluating the behavior, the genre that best suits your lifestyle.

Keep reading and find out if you should adopt a male or female dog .

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Reasons to adopt a male dog

As with many species of animals, males are usually larger and larger than females. For this reason, if you like large size puppies, males are perfect for you.

Male dogs usually mark territory constantly when they go out for walks, and they are also likely to do so when they first arrive home. The tours, for this same reason, include more stops and an olfactory follow-up of the area.

Although many people say that males usually have a more territorial and dominant behavior than females, there is no scientific basis for this. If given the proper socialization they can maintain excellent relationships with other dogs and puppies. Education directly influences the animal’s character.

It is always advisable to sterilize male dogs, otherwise they will often try to mount all the other dogs they encounter on their walks and will try to sow the females, one of the main causes of dog abandonment.

Reasons to Adopt a Female

Although not always so, most females tend to be more affectionate and familiar than males. Because of their maternal instinct they will be the best companions of young children, as they will quickly understand how to play and deal with them.

As in the case of males, it is very convenient to sterilize the bitch to avoid nighttime escapades, an unwanted pregnancy and some of the more usual behavioral problems that arise due to their hormonal changes such as psychological pregnancy . If you do not sterilize her, you should also evaluate the fact that the dog will have it twice a year .

How to choose the right dog?

Except for some details of weight, volume and sexual factors that affect them, adopting a male or female dog is not much different. Both genders can develop sociable, shy or suspicious characters, depending on the education they give them. We also can not blindly be guided by the dog’s race, it is not a reliable indicator of personality. So how do you choose the perfect dog?

Adopt a puppy dog

If you decide to adopt a puppy puppy you should be prepared to teach him everything you need to know so do not hesitate to visit our dog education guide . In our guide you can find everything that is related to the socialization, the learning of orders and the basic behaviors of the dog. During the learning period pees will be out of place, uncontrolled bites or barking in the middle of the night. Remember this.

Nor should we forget that it will be very important to go to the vet to start your vaccination schedule.

On the other hand, adopting a puppy is a wonderful experience. If you offer him a good education and good deal in the future, you will have a dog that is educated, trained and will love you madly. You should remember that regardless of your education, a dog can develop one or another personality.

Adopt an adult dog

The adult dog is perfect for active families who want to start carrying out activities and exercises with their dogs . They have a more stable character and a defined personality, which makes their adoption a safer option. They also usually know how to do their needs in the right place.

Around the world there are abandoned adult dog (of breed and mutt) waiting for a family. You can be a lifesaver to one of these dogs.

Adopting an elderly dog

This is undoubtedly the most solidary option of all. Old dogs are sweet, quiet and stable. Perfect for a sedentary family and if you want to enjoy a grateful and caring best friend. Older dogs are, unfortunately, the least adopted. Find out in the Animal Expert the elder dog careguide and evaluate if you also want to be one of those people who chooses to adopt them.

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