Activities for elderly dogs

When a dog begins his stage of old age changes his physiology, becoming slower and less active, a consequence of the deterioration that the tissues suffer and also his nervous system. But all these characteristics of old age do not prevent you from playing with it.

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At the Animal Expert we help you think about some activities for older dogs that will make your companion feel happy every day. There are many advantages to having an older dog!

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Massage her

We love massages, and why would not your dog like it, too?

A good massage relaxes your dog and furthermore fosters your union since it makes you feel wanted, safe and comfortable. Do not think that these are the only benefits, massage also improves flexibility and circulatory system among others.

The massage should be a gentle pressure that runs from the back of the neck to the spine, around the ears and at the base of the legs. The head is also a nice region for them. See how he likes and follow the signs he gives you.

The elderly dog ​​needs special care, combining this care with massages will favor his comfort and happiness.

Enjoy the outdoors with him

Who said an old dog can not do multiple things? Although your dog progressively reduces his activity level, what is certain is that he continues to enjoy being outdoors with him .

If you can not walk long distances, take the car and take it yourself to the grass, park, grove or beach to spend a nice Saturday or Sunday with him. Although it does not run, it will continue to enjoy the nature and benefits of the sun, a great source of vitality.

Praise him whenever he deserves it.

Contrary to what many believe an old dog continues to be happy every time it carries out an order properly and you prize it. Making him feel useful is an indispensable premise for the dog to feel always integrated into the family unit.

Use cookies and snacks specific to him every time you think you deserve it, it is important that your elderly dog ​​does not feel far away. In any case, remember that it is very important to prevent obesity , a very negative factor that can cause serious illness in your elderly dog. Vitamins are also important, consult your veterinarian about the care an older dog needs.

Spend with him every day

Older dogs also need to walk though they tend to tire after a long walk. What you can do? Take shorter but more frequent walks with an average of 30 minutes a day will be enough to prevent obesity and keep keeping your muscles in shape.

Do not forget that although you live in a house with a garden, it is very important that your dog go out for a walk with him, for him the walk is relaxing and full of information of those who live around you, do not turn the last stage of your life into a prison.

Take him to swim

Swimming is an activity that relaxes and at the same time strengthens muscles . If your elderly dog ​​likes to swim do not hesitate to take him to a special pool or a lake.

Avoid high-powered locations so your dog does not have to push excessive force against the chain. In addition, you should be with him to enjoy the bath together and so be aware if anything happens. Dry it well with a large towel, as older dogs are more likely to suffer from hypothermia.

Swimming is very good for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia (hip dysplasia), enjoy the summer along with it and improve your quality of life!

Play with him

Does not it have the same vitality as before? No matter, your old dog still wants to enjoy and chase balls, this is present in its nature.

Play with him whenever he asks, although he should always be in moderation and adapting the pranks to the aging of his bones. Use shorter distances, less height, etc.

We also advise you to leave a toy when you are alone at home so you can entertain yourself and not feel alone. Take care of your old dog, he deserves it!

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