Accommodate the dog to use the muzzle

Using the muzzle is mandatory for breeds considered potentially dangerous by law. However, if our dog is aggressive (actually the right word is reactive) or has the habit of eating everything he finds on the ground, it can be a very effective tool.

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But you should know that the use of the muzzle as a method of punishment is not recommended and can have serious consequences for the owner and for the welfare of the animal.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we explain how to accustom the dog to the use of the muzzlestep by step with different tools and useful tricks.

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What is the best muzzle?

To begin with you should know that the most suitable muzzle for the dog is the basket type, like the one shown in the picture. Unlike tissue, it allows the dog to breathe properly, drink water or receive treats. However, you can learn about the different types of muzzles in our article to understand how each muzzle works.

1. Have the dog positively associate the focinheria

It is important not to place the muzzle directly on the dog if you are unfamiliar with it, as this can result in failure. The animal will feel uncomfortable and confused, it is best to take it easy. With the use of positive reinforcement our dog will learn to associate the muzzle with a positive experience once it receives prizes and words of affection.

To do this, take tasty treats and place them on the bottom of the muzzle. Let your dog eat it by congratulating him for it. The better the experience, the faster it will allow you to put it into it.

2. Gradual process

Let’s try to put the muzzle step by step on a daily basis without tying it , offering you treats and prizes every time you let it put. The longer you leave the muzzle, but we should congratulate you for it. Do not force it if it does not seem to please you, little by little we will achieve good results.

When we see that our dog relates the muzzle properly we can start tying it for short periods of time. The jokes and fun can never be lacking in this process, if you transmit fear to your dog, it is likely that he will feel nervous, distressed and sad every time he puts it on.

3. Avoid the following situations

In order for your dog to let you place the muzzle properly you should avoid the following situations at all costs, this is fundamental for you to positively relate:

  • Do not force it.
  • Avoid it in concrete situations, such as going to the vet.
  • Do not use it too long.
  • Avoid it if you suffer from stress problems.
  • As a method of punishment.
  • Leave the dog unattended.

If we follow our advice and do not press your dog will achieve quite positive results . However, if the process becomes complicated and your puppy does not seem to accept the use of the muzzle in any way, it is best to consult a canine educator to give you some tips.

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