A Very Special Friend

My guest kitty today is named Chloe Anne, who lives with her human, Erin. Here’s Chloe’s story:

“The pictures I have sent are of my senior cat, Chloe Anne. Chloe is a Himalayan. Next month she will be celebrating her eleventh birthday.

The reason she ended up coming to live with me is a sad, but a very happy and special story to me. I was eleven years old when she was purchased and brought home to live with us. I was living with an abusive stepfather, and I was literally at the end of my rope.

My mom never knew that he was abusive towards me. But she could tell that I was down in the dumps about something and needed a new friend, something to love, and something to love me back that could be mine. She brought my dear Chloe home.

From day one she has made the biggest impact on my life. There were days where I would lay in my bed crying. She has never been really affectionate, but she would step out of her comfort zone and lick the tears off of my face and lay next to me, and start purring to show me she loved me. She always listened to everything I said, and would usually give her own reply back to me with this strange noise of her own.

She was always there for me through every good and bad time of my life. She has always loved me, as I have loved her more than anything in this world. We are best friends and we seem to have a clear understanding of each other.

I have brought many new pets home, including a kitten this past Christmas. Chloe warmed right up to her and became somewhat of a mother to her, watching her closely, bathing her, and showing her much affection.

Something I find extremely funny and weird about her is that she believes that she is a princess. We have four other cats in our household, and she seems to be at the very top of the pecking order. It’s as if when she enters the room, all the other cats bow down to her as if she is royalty. She has never been mean or hurt any of the other cats. I haven’t quite figured out if they do show some sort of respect for her, or if they feel she is superior.

Also, in her princess act, she has demanded that her food be served to her on a cedar chest that is in our family room. If her food is not on that chest, she will not eat, even if there is a bowl on the floor.

All around she is a great princess, a great cat, a great mother to my kitten, a great companion, my best friend, and most of all, she is my savior. I don’t know where I would be if she hadn’t come into my life when I needed her the most.”

Erin goes on to say, “I had a small scare with Chloe in November. She was getting really sick, puking and more. She lost 5 pounds. She could stand to lose a few, as she is a rather large cat, but she just was really, really sick, and it was so sad.

So my mom ended up getting me a rag doll kitten in December. Chloe just seemed to get a lot better to have a kitten around to play with her, and a different kind of love than a human love. She got much better, and the vet ran a bunch of tests and found out she was having an allergic reaction to her food.

It was a horrible experience. I was just so worried about my lovey.

I can’t turn down an animal that needs my help and love. I try to help them along and find them really good homes. Maybe somebody will realize the importance of having a pet for a companion. They really are the best friends a girl can have.

I just hope Chloe will stay with me a little bit longer, or a lot.”

Erin, thank you so much for sharing your story! It’s easy to see Chloe’s loving and regal personality in your photos. I hope Princess Chloe spends many more happy, healthy years with you!

Would You Like To See YOUR Kitty Here?

It’s easy. Just write a short story about your kitty. How did he or she come to live with you? What’s special about your furbaby? Don’t get hung up over spelling and punctuation, as I’ll take care of that, if needed. Email me your story, along with a couple of clear, close-up pictures of your feline friend, and I’ll do the rest!

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