Mastitis in Bitches – Symptoms and Treatment

The canine mastitis is one of the most common diseases that affect lactating bitches who have recently given birth, and can even occur in dogs that are not pregnant.

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For this reason, if we have a bitch as a member of the family it is important to know the symptoms that cause this condition, the treatment and care that we must offer our pet to minimize the discomforts of this disease.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain more about mastitis in bitches so you know what it is about and how you should act if your dog is suffering from this disease.

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What is mastitis?

We can call mastitis the infection of the breasts of the bitch that normally occurs during pregnancy and lactation or when a psychological pregnancy happens . The main cause of the disease is the decrease in the defenses that the mother suffers after the birth of her offspring.

This lack of defenses causes germs called staphylococci to settle in breast milk and then pass into the breasts causing a painful infection in our dog.

In many cases when the puppies suck instinctively they push the mamas with the paws to extract the milk, thus scratching the nipple of its mother with its sharp nails. It is at that moment that a mastitis can occur, that if not treated correctly can end up affecting the puppies. Milk becomes toxic to them, and can end up with their life.

Symptoms of Canine Mastitis

Knowing how to identify the symptoms of mastitis in our bitch is critical to starting treatment as soon as possible, easing your discomfort and saving the lives of small newborns.

If you suspect that your bitch may be suffering from mastitis, pay attention to the first of the symptoms of this great disease, which is the lack of appetite in the affected bitch . This lack of appetite can also lead to consequent weight loss in your dog, making her also sad and apathetic, conditions that could be confused with typical symptoms of depression. To avoid this confusion, you should pay special attention to the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Malaise
  • Increased heart rate
  • High temperature
  • Fever
  • Apathy
  • Nipple pain
  • Irritability

Although all these symptoms together are a proof that our dog suffers from canine mastitis, no doubt that pain in the nipples is the clearest indication and in turn the most dangerous since the bitch can stop feeding the puppies .

In addition, another serious consequence is the toxicity of the mother’s milk that can lead to intoxication of the dogs, the appearance of tumors in the breasts and even the death of the newborn pups.

Treatment of mastitis in bitches

If you have the slightest suspicion that your dog is suffering from canine mastitis, the first thing you should do is go with your trusted veterinarian for a physical examination, a blood test and a bacterial culture.

The following treatment is the administration of antibiotics to combat infection and the application of hot water packs that improve the condition of the breasts.

Not receiving proper veterinary treatment can result in an extreme case of removal of the affected breasts and artificial feeding for the puppies, which is a difficult process for the owner as it involves a lot of time and effort.

Prevention of canine mastitis

We must be clear as an advanced society of the 21st century that using our bitch to procreate is a bad practice. Diseases such as mastitis or others reflect that this process must be carried out by qualified people and approved centers as in the case of breeders. In addition, the disproportionate amount of puppies (including puppies) in millions of refuges around the world makes setting up a home an insensitive and irresponsible act.

To properly prevent the appearance of canine mastitis due to infections, parasites or bacteria it is important to clean the bitch’s breasts with moist gauze regularly. Check the mother’s nipples daily and carefully cut the puppies’ nails to avoid scratches in this delicate area.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest that you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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