Dog Clothes – A Luxury or a Necessity?

The use of clothes for dogs is somewhat controversial. Should I wear clothes to protect my dog ​​from the cold? Can my dog ​​wear clothes every day? Is it wrong to wear dog clothes? It is normal for you to ask yourself about the use of dog clothing, it only shows that you really care about his well-being and not just about aesthetic issues.

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This subject is quite controversial, so in this article of ExpertAnimal, we will explain to you when the dog should wear clothes , in which cases it is contraindicated and how to choose! Keep reading!

Doggie Wardrobe

Often, with the best of intentions as tutors, we dress our dogs thinking they need it so they do not get cold . However, it is important to keep in mind that dogs are not human and have specific needs of their species that must be respected.

Putting a coat on a dog of Nordic origin, with three layers of hair, such as Husky , for example, has no meaning and can even harm the animal since it does not allow the normal circulation of air between the hairs, which causes an increase of body temperature .

It is because many people only worry about aesthetics, want to put on clothes and disguises in the dog without worrying about his well-being, that there is much controversy on this topic. The truth is that as we have already mentioned, in some dogs the use of clothing may be totally contraindicated. On the other hand, in certain situations, the use of a dog shelter or a cold vest can be very useful ! If you have a dog that suffers from low temperatures and you live in a very cold region, a doggie outfit can be very beneficial and allow him to enjoy the rides more.

As in everything that concerns having a pet in our care, we must always take into consideration the specific needs of each animal .

Cold clothes for dogs

If you have a chihuahua, for example, that constantly shakes when you go on the street with him, look for a winter outfit for him in the petshop. The pet clothing market is gigantic. There are thousands of makes and models available. Recall that sometimes “cheap is expensive”. Choose the clothes of the dog taking into account the material used. Many dogs have more sensitive skin and may even have allergies to certain tissues. For example, many dogs are allergic to cotton.

Another common problem in the use of clothing in dogs, besides the allergy to the tissue , is the placement of the clothing without the animal being totally dry, which promotes the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that cause irritation and allergy.

The type of detergent you use to wash the dog’s clothing can also cause allergy, so it is advisable to wash the dog’s clothing with a mild soap to avoid chemicals.

Be aware of possible allergy symptoms in puppies:

  • Intense itching;
  • Reddish skin;
  • Crusts and papules on the skin;
  • Zonas de alopecia (queda de pelo);
  • Swelling.

If you notice any of these signs, stop using your outfit immediately and rush to the vet.

Small Dog Clothing

As we have already mentioned, the use of clothing in small dogs can be very useful to shelter and protect from the cold if you live in a region where temperatures can be very low. Choose brands of clothes that use quality materials and always choose a size that fits your dog. The most important thing is for the dog to feel comfortable. Clothes that are too tight can damage the dog’s movements and have the opposite effect.

Fortunately, nowadays, the technology is allowing dog clothes to evolve and be totally free of discomfort, even existing dry-fit ranges .

Another important factor to take into account is the length of the dog’s hair. Long- haired dogs that wear clothes all the time and every day can be full of us. Maltese dogs are a perfect example of a dog that suffers from the overuse of pet clothing. For this reason, especially in the case of these dogs it is important to wear the clothes only when necessary and for short periods of time, that is, only on the ride.

See our article with some pictures of clothes for little dogs !

Large Dog Clothing

The same applies with regard to large dog clothing. It all depends on the specific needs of your dog. If, in fact, the physical characteristics of the dog and the low temperatures of the region where you live, clothing can improve his well-being, there are many options in the market.

It is important that you follow some of these tips when choosing dog clothing :

  • Define what kind of clothing your puppy needs: cold, rain, etc.
  • Choose comfortable materials. Wool, for example, usually causes itching.
  • Avoid clothing with small pieces such as buttons, hanging strings and anything that could be a risk of your dog ingesting or getting stuck.
  • Avoid zippered clothes as they can easily attach to your dog’s hairs.
  • Always keep in mind the type of hair and the physical constitution of your dog, since obese or coarse animals can quickly overheat if they wear very warm clothing (do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian for specific advice for your puppy).
  • Measure your puppy before buying the clothes to ensure that he buys an appropriate size.

If you have come to the conclusion that your dog does not really need to wear clothing to protect himself from the cold but you want him to be equally stylish and handsome, there are many collars and pectorals on the market that serve this purpose without compromising well-being of the animal! Look for alternatives in the pethsop closer to your home or on the internet, for sure you will find something perfect for your best friend!

How to Measure the Dog

Not all clothes are suitable for all types of puppies. Since there are hundreds of breeds and types of dog bodies, one with short, wide necks, one thinner and longer-legged, it is essential to ensure that the clothing you are going to buy is suitable for your pet! Therefore, it is essential that you know how to measure your dog :

  1. First, you need a tape measure.
  2. Start by measuring the dog’s neck . Wrap the tape measure around his neck a bit too loose to make sure he’s comfortable.
  3. Then measure his chest . Turn the dog’s thoracic zone around, even behind the front paws.
  4. Finally, measure the length from the neck to the top of the tail (do not include the tail).

These measures are essential when buying clothes for your dog. Take the measurements with you and make sure you buy something that has the right measurements, neither too wide nor too tight. The comfort of the dog is the most important of all!

Christmas clothes for dogs

It is necessary to begin by making clear the difference between disguising or fantasizing and sheltering . Puppies may need some extra protection under certain conditions, as we have already mentioned, but obviously the disguise is unnecessary.

Anyway, that does not mean that if you want to disguise your puppy in a punctual way, for a photo session next to you or just to have a good time together, you can not do it. The important thing is that you know how to identify if the animal is under stress or inconvenienced and respect the limits of it.

Always use positive reinforcement techniques so that the dog feels motivated and aligned in the games. This way you mentally stimulate your dog, in addition to improving your relationship. Never force your dog to do anything he does not like or want. If your dog is clearly bothered if you put a disguise on him, why force him to do it? We remember that dogs are not little humans nor are they puppets.

On the other hand, if your puppy is accustomed to it, you use the appropriate training techniques, reinforce positively and together have fun in situations like Christmas, Halloweenor Carnival, we have nothing against! Above all, it is important that together you are happy!

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