Can a dog stay alone at home for 8 hours?

Although a dog can spend eight hours alone at home, it is preferable that this does not happen . Remember that dogs are very social and they like to have company, so it is advisable to avoid this situation if you can

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If it is something you can not avoid, you should prepare the house so that the hours that your furry friend goes by alone are as pleasant as possible. Change toys every day so you do not get bored, avoid the scratches and take a long walk with him before leaving the house. Also, spend time with him before spending the eight hours alone, not to stress, to feel depressed or to do your needs at home.

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The age of the dog

It is important to consider the age of the dog when leaving so many hours alone, since feeding and hygiene vary greatly from one puppy to an adult. Puppies eat up to four times a day, while an adult can eat two or even once. This means that a small dog should only be up to six hours alone to be able to feed him every meal.

In addition, a puppy does not know where and when to make its needs, so it has to go out with it more often than an adult. A puppy for so many hours will do your needs all over the house. A healthy adult should be able to endure up to eight hours without his or her own needs if he or she has been taking you for a walk before leaving home.

A puppy is a baby and needs constant attention, so if it is going to spend up to eight hours away from home, you have to make sure there is someone else who can take care of itwhile you are not. A puppy can not be home alone for eight hours.

Is your dog used to being alone?

If your dog is very attached to you and is not accustomed to leaving home for so long, you are likely to suffer from separation anxiety . If this is the case, it is recommended that you train gradually to be alone and quiet before leaving for eight hours in a row. If you can not, you can give the keys to your house someone who visits you and spend time with him .

To stay calmer during all these hours alone, it is advisable to take a good walk with him before you leave to release all your energy. This way, you will get tired when you get home and you will want to sleep and rest.

It should be taken into account if the dog will spend the eight hours alone in a timely manner or will be something frequent due, for example to a job. If it is something that will repeat itself in time you should train your dog well to endure so many hours.

If you have a break, you can go visit him or, as we have said, give the keys to your house to someone you trust. Remember that the dog is a social animal and needs company, although it can spend eight hours alone will be happier and will have less stress if sharing your time.

Steps to take before leaving home

Next, we’ll give you some advice so that the dog can be home alone for eight hours without taking risks:

  • Check doors and windows well . Do not leave any doors or windows open. This will prevent your puppy from running or falling.
  • The kitchen should always be closed . In the kitchen there are many dangers for the animal that is alone. You can find something to eat that does not suit you.
  • Chemicals should be well stored . All cleaning products and any toxins should be stored in a closet so the dog does not have access to them. Similarly, you should empty the bucket of the mop to not drink the water.
  • No cables in sight . The dog may bite them and render them unusable and may even electrocute.
  • Food and drink . Be sure to leave him with clean water and if you want, some food so that by the time you stay alone do not feel hungry.
  • Protect your things . If your dog feels bored, he will not hesitate to pick up any object that is within his reach, he can destroy something for which he is very affectionate and may surprise some things.

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