7 things cats can predict


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2. Natural disasters

As with earthquakes, it was possible to observe that cats are able to predict natural phenomena, due to their very high senses. It’s not magic, cats can detect some changes through their senses. They are able to detect certain events that for us human beings go unnoticed.

Many cats noticed that a volcanic eruption, a cyclone, a tsunami and even a hurricane were approaching. This is not to say that all cats can foresee it, but the majority. Why does it happen? Because all natural disasters are announced, they do not appear from moment to moment.

Before they are triggered, changes in the atmospheric pressure, the temperature, the direction of the winds and the movements of the earth, among many others, that your feline is able to notice.

3. Some diseases

More than predicting, certain studies show that cats are able to detect the presence of certain diseases in the human body, as well as in their feline counterparts. There are many witnesses who claim to have discovered that they had cancer after their cat lay down constantly on a certain area of the body.

Since antiquity the figure of the cat is associated with many myths that attribute to it supernatural powers. From the ability to give bad luck, to the ability to anticipate events that have not yet occurred.

Leaving superstitions aside, there are 7 things cats can predict . It has nothing to do with magic or miracles, but with certain characteristics of felines that make them more sensitive to some situations that go unnoticed to humans. If you are curious and want to find out what they are, keep reading!

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1. Cats can predict earthquakes

In several catastrophes, it was possible to observe minutes or hours before an earthquake or earthquake occurred, that certain animals exhibited behaviors related to stress and anxiety, and began to flee from their homes and nests to higher or outlying areas. These animals include birds, dogs and cats (among many more).

But what exactly can predict the cat before an earthquake? There are several theories. One indicates that cats are able to predict static changes that are produced shortly before the earthquake. Technically, it is possible that some humans can also predict. Despite this, it is more frequent for us humans to confuse this perception with a simple headache or malaise.

Another theory assures that the felines can feel small vibrations that take place in the earth before a tremor of great magnitude through the plantar cushions, being an area of the body of them extremely sensitive. Be that as it may, some say that they do recognize this movement, not by their paws, but by their ears.

4. Diabetes and epilepsy

These two diseases are characterized by the possibility of both attacks manifesting dangerous , which may be sudden for the human being suffering from them, both by the rise of sugar levels and an epileptic attack.

As with cancer, there are witnesses and cases of tutors whose cats saved their lives because they were especially nervous moments before one of the crises occurred. In this case, cats were also able to note the changes that occur in the human body through smell .

5. States of mind

Felines can not predict a mood but can perceive it perfectly . If you are depressed, distressed or worried, your feline friend is most likely to adjust to your mood in a sympathetic way, keeping you company during these most difficult times. On the other hand, if you are happy and active, it is very likely that he wants to play and have fun with you.

6. Visits

Surely you have noticed that your cat changes his attitude just before one of the family members returns home, getting restless and anxious . This is because, effectively, cats are able to see if that person is approaching. All this thanks to the wonderful nose that they have and the fantastic ears. Felines can smell familiar scents over long distances, which allows your cat to wait for you at the door long before you get home. In addition, they are able to discriminate the sounds that make your keys or the way you walk.

7. Cats can predict the death of people

For centuries there has been speculation about whether cats can predict death. Some studies indicate that they can. This is due, again, to the keen sense of smell . All living beings secrete certain substances when we are close to dying, due to the physical changes that the organism undergoes. Cats are able to see these changes. That’s why there are so many pet witnesses who have stayed with their guardians until their last breath.

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