6 Simple Tips to Accelerate your Metabolism (Which really work)

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Accelerate your metabolism with these 6 tips

We've heard a lot about accelerating metabolism. On TV they advertise wonderful products so that it works more quickly and we lose weight.

While a good functioning of the metabolism helps us to maintain the ideal weight, there are natural habits that we can adopt to accelerate it.

The metabolism is the amount of energy that the body requires to function properly. The faster this is, the more calories you burn, which helps you lose weight. Here are some tips:

1. Breakfast

Breakfast is paramount if you skip it the body spends more than twelve hours without receiving food, and the brain receives the signal that there is no food available and as a defense mechanism slows down the metabolism , which decreases the amount of calories that are burned.

2. Eat 5 times

Make at least five meals a day. The digestion process spends a lot of calories; puts to work the pancreas, liver and stomach. Do not forget that these foods should be low in fat, rich in protein and fiber.

3. Consume protein

Choose foods that contain high levels of protein and decrease fat intake; these stimulate the metabolism and fats make it slow.

4. Exercise

Do a physical activity, go for a walk, run, swim, etc., exercise keeps you moving and helps you lose weight.

5. Eat fiber

Include foods rich in fiber such as fruits, whole grains and vegetables in your diet. Learn a little more about what fiber is and why you should include it in your diet .

6. Take care of your diet

Consume more than 1200 calories a day, since a smaller amount is not enough to maintain the basal metabolism and the burning of calories is lower.

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