5 dog training tricks

The Dog Training is more than a learning process for the dog, is the practice or state that allows strengthen the relationship between dog and owner, as well as allow us to meet our pet and interact with it. Dressage also allows us through orders to communicate with him, making him better understand what we expect.

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In addition to what we mentioned earlier, canine training is a basic tool that allows a harmonious coexistence between all members of the family, including the dog. Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide to discover the 5 dog training tricks .

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1- Do not punish, reward

A correct canine training can not be based under any circumstances on methods of punishment, on the contrary, we must always use positive reinforcement as a fundamental tool.

Do you know what it means?

Positive reinforcement is rewarding the dog with dog-specific goodies, caring, and even kind words when it shows proper behavior, when it responds well to an order or simply when it is quiet and calm.

This allows the dog to positively associate a particular action. Do not punish your dog for what you do wrong, reward him for what he does well.

2- Concrete physical and verbal signals

When educating a dog we will use words and gestures , this way the dog understands perfectly what we expect of him and will help him to remember more easily.

It is important that both the physical and the verbal signal are always the same, otherwise the dog will be confused and will not know what he is asking exactly. They should be simple signs and the tone of voice should always be firm.

Using body language will help in the future if our puppy suffers from hearing loss when it becomes larger.

3- Work with a mentally and physically healthy dog.

While it may seem obvious that training your dog when you are suffering from stress or muscle aches does not help at all, a dog that is feeling uneasy will respond even worse to a dressing session, not to mention a long training session.

Consult your veterinarian or an ethologist if your puppy suffers any type of problem, this will help you to improve your quality of life and start practicing all kinds of activities.

4- Train your dog in a place free of distractions

To start any dog ​​training exercise it is essential that your dog is free of distractions, since only then can he concentrate fully on himself and what he asks of him.

Avoid external stimuli that are excessive such as street noise or the presence of other dogs as they may distract you. Begin the exercises when he is relaxed and in a completely quiet environment.

5- Dressage in different situations

In order for the training process to achieve all the expected results it is very important that you practice the exercises with your dog in different situations once you have assimilated them.

If your dog always obeys the “sit” command in the kitchen, you may get confused and when you are out of that environment do not recognize it or believe you should not perform it.

It is for this reason that you should train it in different environments , so it is very important for your learning that varies the order of the exercises.

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