3 Tips For Caring And Living With A Blind Cat

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It’s a sad fact that most animal shelters routinely euthanize blind cats because they’re considered unadoptable and it is difficult living with a blind cat. The truth is that a blind cat can do almost anything a cat with its sight can do, including climbing trees and chasing birds!

Living with a Blind Cat is Same as Living with a Cat with Sight

If your kitty is going blind or is blinded in an accident, don’t give up on her. Cats (and dogs too) are extremely adaptable, perhaps more so than us humans. Animals don’t realize they’re handicapped, so they learn to deal with the changes quickly and go on to live long happy lives. When I was a kid, we had a dog who went blind. I think she had cataracts. It was a gradual process, so she adapted quite well. She even ran through the house with us kids and didn’t bump into things as long as we didn’t move the furniture around.

Living with a blind cat
Living with a blind cat

If the blindness is sudden, you may want to pad furniture legs and any furniture with sharp edges until your feline friend learns her way around.

Blind cats can climb trees, as mentioned above. The difference is that they come down back feet first, instead of head first, like a sighted cat does. Your kitty can still climb on furniture, including any cat furniture you may have. About the only thing that will stop her is a gate or fence. Because she can’t see the other side, she doesn’t realize she can climb over it.

How Can I Make Life Easier For My Blind Cat?

Consistency is the most important thing. Keep her food and her litter box in the same place. She’ll find lots of things by smell, but make it as easy as you can on her.

If you pick up your cat and move her from one place in your home to another, try to put her down where she knows where she’s at. For example, if your carpeted living room is next to your kitchen with a linoleum floor, set her down with her front feet in the living room and her back feet in the kitchen. This will help her to orient herself.

A blind cat will point her whiskers out so that the whiskers will brush against something before she runs into it. You shouldn’t ever trim the whiskers on any cat, but especially not on a blind cat!

Living with a blind cat
Living with a blind cat

Other ways to make life easier for your blind kitty:

  • Don’t move the furniture around.
  • Feed her at the same time every day.
  • If you do move something, try to put it back right away.
  • Block stairs with a gate until she learns where they are.
  • Talk to your pet when you approach her or before you pet her. Don’t sneak up on her and startle her. You wouldn’t like it either!
  • If you drop a pot or make a big noise, gently reassure your kitty.
  • Get down on her level to see what else you can do to make life easier for her.
Living with a blind cat

Safety Issues

Make sure you block access to windows or balconies that have a long drop to the ground. Your kitty won’t know she shouldn’t jump out that window!

A blind cat shouldn’t be allowed outside by herself. Either go with her if your yard is enclosed, or keep her on a leash if you go outside with her.

Your kitty should have a break-away collar with an ID tag that says she’s blind. If she should get outside accidentally, this will help you find her, as it would be hard for her to find her way back.

Take your feline friend to the vet for regular check-ups. Watch for anything unusual health-wise so you can have it checked out right away.

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Living with a blind cat

Information in this article is courtesy of the Blind Cat Rescue And Sanctuary. This group rescues cats who were going to be euthanized just because they’re blind.

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