10 Christmas Gifts for Very Unique Cats

Whoever has a cat as a companion in his life knows that it is a sweet and intelligent animal, so much so that they form a bond with us that we probably could not imagine. Precisely for this reason, it is very usual that we look for details and gifts to offer them at Christmas.

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If you are looking for an original gift for your cat, have arrived at the right portal, in this article of Animal Expert we show you a list of 10 very original Christmas gifts for cats , so you can take inspiration and find the perfect gift for the cat. his little friend.

Are you ready? Find out later our Christmas proposals!

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1. Homemade Christmas recipe

If you like to prepare delicious homemade recipes for your feline, this Christmas is the perfect time to make him lick his mustaches with such happiness.

However, if you have never prepared a homemade recipe for cats, the Animal Expert will think of everything and we have an article in which we explain how to make homemade cat food . It is very easy to make and can opt for various ingredients.

2. A brush / caresser

Although it is already marketed as yet another toy, this invention is very simple to make at home. All you need is a brush like the one you see on the image that you should attach to a wooden base. Cats love to rub these brushes.

3. Catnip, guaranteed fun

Have you ever bought the cat’s grass for your little friend? If you are prepared for a day of fun, play and activity, catnip is a great option to stimulate and help discover new experiences.

It is not a toxic substance nor stimulant, on the contrary, the catnip has many benefits, however it will be very recommendable not to exceed the doses to avoid a narcotic effect that can be dangerous. Check the product information thoroughly.

4. A source of water

Are you looking for something a little more original? Why not offer your cat a source of water? Cats love fresh and refreshed water , as for example happens with tap water, a water fountain can be a very useful Christmas gift. Not only will you enjoy drinking from there, but you will enjoy yourself immensely exploring your new “toy”.

5. A cardboard house

The cats love the boxes . You can devote every possible effort to finding a fantastic gift, but in the moment of truth your cat will go crazy by putting himself inside a box. Why do cats like boxes so much ? Simply because the cats feel like in a nest inside the boxes. For this reason, do not hesitate to make a nice cardboard box for your cat.

6. Play for cats

It is a kind of nest that has a ball to attract the attention of the cat, inviting him to enter, and also has the function of shelter for the animal to feel comfortable. Once inside you will no longer want to leave.

7. Intelligence Toys

Intelligence toys are those that stimulate the cat’s mind through challenges. They are very beneficial to foster intellectual development in puppies and to maintain agility in adults. There are very different intelligence toys, since we can find food dispensers or others who use the toy as a “reward”. We should choose the one that best suits our needs.

8. Catwalks and climbers

Cats are excellent climbers, so riding a small climber in your home can be a source of fun for them. In addition, this type of structures are ideal for newly adopted animals or for families that have other animals. The cat will find in this toy a place to take refuge and be quiet . The climber itself can be combined with scrapers and beds suspended in the air. Your cat will go crazy with joy!

9. A classic, tasty snacks and prizes

If preparing recipes is not your beach, you can always choose to buy snacks for cats: cookies, sticks, balls of reward, etc. In addition to offering a tasty appetizer from time to time, these kinds of prizes are ideal if we want to educate you through positive reinforcement . Try several to find out what your cat’s favorite is.

10. The most important gift is love.

It’s no use offering your cat tasty treats, new utensils and toys if there’s no one to play with and be with. Remember that cats are social animals and they need to have a figure with whom they can share good moments with their family. Apart from everything you can offer, affection and affection are the gifts you will enjoy most, not only at Christmas, but also in your daily life.

Besides all that has been mentioned previously, there are a multitude of basic toys and utensils that can make your cat happy and that can help to offer you a much more comfortable life. Here are the most common “basics”:

  • Food cans
  • Mantas
  • Pillows
  • Scratcher
  • Brushes
  • Sandbox
  • Food bowl
  • Play mouse
  • stuffed animals
  • Wool Balls
  • Balls like guizo
  • Necklace (without rattle)

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