10 breeds of dogs more prone to obesity

Obesity is a health problem that can have serious consequences, although it may not. There are certain canine breeds prone to obesity. For this reason, if you are thinking about adopting a dog, it is very important to know if you are prone to suffer from this problem related to body weight.

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In addition to inadequate or excessive feeding, failing to perform the essential exercise for each breed is a fact that helps certain canine breeds tend to gain weight.

For this reason, in YourCatCareguide we want to show you the 10 breeds of dogs most prone to obesity , so that you can take care of them in a healthy way if any of them is your pet.

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1. Pug

The Pug is a canine breed with a great tendency to acquire overweight. Unlike other breeds the exercise that the Pug can withstand is tame. Due to its muscular constitution, the Pug has difficulty breathing . Therefore, subjecting you to a prolonged exercise will negatively affect your health, as it will punish your heart system.

Therefore, the Pug should eat moderately, since intense exercise is discarded .

2. Dachshund

This breed of dog, also known as “dog sausage”, has tendencies often to be obese. The Dachshund or Teckel suffers from a complex morphology : it has a long, medium-sized body. Totally disproportionate to the short legs he has. This means that you have a stomach proportional to the size of your body but excessive for the length of your legs.

This breed has yet another problem, the length of your body causes you to suffer from a disease in your spine, called the intervertebral disc. Being overweight aggravates this tendency, so this breed should be fed moderately.

3. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the breed most likely to gain weight , according to the general opinion of every veterinarian in the world. Fortunately it has a vigorous constitution that allows it to develop a very considerable exercise capacity.

Therefore, you should give your Labrador Retriever a correct feed by nourishing it with low-quality feed. This dog should exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes, twice a day.

4. Scottish Terrier

This magnificent breed has a genetic tendency to suffer from hypothyroidism . So if you suffer from the disease you may tend to overweight and also other conditions of cardiac and dermal.

The Scottish Terrier is a dog with abilities to perform a sufficient exercise. For this reason, if you notice that your Scottish Terrier begins to get fat, take it immediately to the veterinarian.

5. Basset Hound

This magnificent dog can stay lean if he uses an adequate ration in the ideal amount and forcing him to perform the necessary exercise.

The Basset Hound dog is a very calm dog and one that has a considerable appetite. Plus, he’s pretty lazy and likes to spend a good time lying on the couch. But if you like your pet and want to take care of your health, you should not allow it to do this all the time.

Give him enough food without exceeding the veterinarian’s limit and force him to do the necessary physical exercise.

6. Beagle

Lovely canine breed, as in the previous case, can remain lean . The point is to find a balance between the food eaten and the exercise developed.

The truth is that as a consequence of your appetite, the Beagle is prone to fattening. But it is also a very dynamic one that likes to play and to exercise. Limit your food intake and give you the opportunity to play with yourself. With this, you will be able to have a healthy Beagle.

7. Rough Collie

The Rough Collie is an excellent canine pet. It is an extraordinarily agile dog and able to do a lot of exercise. However, you suffer from a tendency to get fat if you overeat it. The veterinarian should tell you the correct nutrition of your Collie to follow, also known as Shetland Sheepdog.

8. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a dog with a lot of appetite, so it should restrict the food to the minimum amount that is healthy. Your veterinarian can help you by telling you the best food for him and in what quantities.

Once the Bulldog becomes overweight, it is virtually impossible to make him lose weight. It happens the same as the Pug, your physical constitution is not ideal for practicing strong exercise. A great deal of effort can harm the Bulldog because of its breathing difficulties.

9. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd needs a lot of exercise . If you can not provide that amount of exercise you may gain weight.

Therefore, the amount of food must be proportional to the amount of exercise that the German Shepherd can perform on a day to day basis. It is not the same thing to have a German Shepherd in a farm where you can run until you are exhausted, than having a German Shepherd in an apartment where you only go out for a walk 2 times a day.

Being overweight can aggravate the tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia suffered by many German Shepherds.

10. Boxer

The Boxer is prone to suffering from hypothyroidism . One of the consequences of this disease is weight gain. It is appropriate for the veterinarian to check every year if there are problems with the thyroid gland. The Boxer is able to perform a considerable amount of exercise. If there is a correct ratio between food intake and exercise, the Boxer will stay in shape.

Do you want to adopt one of these races?

Obesity is a serious problem for the health of the dog as it can cause muscle problems and cause the onset of some diseases such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. To prevent it will be very important to prevent obesity in dogs properly, so please enter our article and follow our recommendations.

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