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Cat Urine Problems And What You Need To Know To Solve Them

Cat urine problems are probably one of the top feline behavior problems for cat owners.Frustration from finding nasty, smelly messes all over the home often leads to the pet being given up, or even put down.

Some cat owners mistakenly believe that a feline who stops using the cat litter pan is trying to punish them for something.  We all love our kitties, but let’s be honest.  Cat just aren’t capable of that kind of reasoning.

Sometimes a veterinary problem, like a cat bladder infection, is causing the kitty to avoid the cat litter pan.  Maybe your kitty is older and has developed arthritis, which makes it hard to enter and leave her pan.  Taking her to the vet for a check-up is always recommended.

Don’t be afraid this is the end of the line for your kitty.Solve the problem of a cat who won’t use the cat litter pan quickly, or it may become a habit thats hard to break.  If you’re tired of finding cat urine on carpet, here are three tips that may help.

Three Reasons For Cat Urine Problems

  • Your kitty doesn’t like her cat litter pan
  • She doesn’t like the cat litter you’re using
  • The pan is located someplace she doesn’t like

The Cat Litter Pan Is All Wrong

The cat won’t use the pan if she doesn’t like it.  A cat with a feline bladder infection may have learned to associate pain with the litter pan, so she goes elsewhere.An overweight cat may need a super-sized pan.  An elderly cat, or a young kitten, may have trouble getting into and out of the box.

Odors are trapped in covered cat litter pans, which is why cats don’t care for them.Clean the pan regularly because your pet doesn’t like a dirty bathroom any more than you do.

If she’s being bothered by another pet, or a small child, this could be the problem?If this is the case, she may be apt to find another, more private, location.

She Hates The Cat Litter You’re Using

Cats especially dislike scented litter.  Keep the pan clean to avoid odors, instead of covering them up with scent.

Don’t change the type of cat litter suddenly.  Cats don’t like change.Using the same type of cat litter she’s already accustomed to is recommended.  If you really must change brands, do it gradually, over a period of time.

Location, Location, Location

Just like people, cats like a private bathroom area.  A bathroom closet is usually a good spot.You may want to put a block in the door so it can’t be closed accidentally.

Avoid putting the pan in the basement.  Most cats don’t care for dark places that come complete with loud, scary things like furnaces and clothes washers that come to life unexpectedly.

Stop spending your precious free time on cat urine cleaning.  If you’re dealing with cat urine problems, just click on any link in this article to find the solution.

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