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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – How Does Your Cat Show Affection?

computer kittyToday we’re going to have some fun. How does your kitty show his affection for you? Take this little quiz to find out how much you really know about your cat…

1. If your cat licks you, it means:

a) you taste like a dead mouse.
b) you need a bath.
c) he likes you.
d) your hand lotion reminds him of catnip.

2. Your kitty shows how much he loves you by:

a) peeing in your shoes.
b) sending you emails that say “i luv u.”
c) kneading your stomach and purring.
d) running down to the store and buying you chocolate.

3. When your kitty rubs his head on you, he’s:

a) showing you who’s the boss cat.
b) marking you with his scent to show you belong to him.
c) trying to hypnotize you.
d) sharing his fleas.

4. If your kitty rubs his gums on you, it means:

a) he’s teething.
b) he’s tasting you to see if you’re good to eat.
c) his gums are itchy.
d) he’s putting his scent on you to identify you as his.

5. Your kitty brings you a really cool present, like a dead mouse, because:

a) you’re too little and dumb to take care of yourself, so he has to feed you.
b) he wants to give you something neat.
c) he feels like he’s in a safe place.
d) he knows you won’t eat it, so he’ll get to eat it himself later on, but in the meantime you’ll think he’s a great cat because he gave you a present.

And now for a bonus question! What does it mean when your cat blinks at you?
a) he’s flirting with you.
b) he’s saying “I love you.”
c) he has something in his eye.
d) he’s trying to do a Vulcan mind-meld with you.

OK, now to find out how you did…

1. Why does your cat lick you? Because he likes you, and he shows it by grooming you. Mama cat grooms her kittens by licking them, and kittens learn to associate being licked with the safe secure feeling they have around their mom. If you adopt two kittens who are littermates, they’ll groom each other their whole lives. And when your cat licks you, he’s showing you his affection.

2. Your kitty also shows his love for you by kneading your stomach and purring. When you cat was a kitten, his mama’s purr guided him to her nipples so he could nurse. Kittens learn that mama’s purr means warm milk and a full tummy. And kittens purr back when they’re warm and happy and full of milk.

Kittens knead their mama’s teats to keep that nice warm milk flowing. When your cat kneads you, he’s feeling relaxed and happy. Some cats get so relaxed, they start to drool! I’ve had a couple of cats who did that.

Once your kitten grows into a cat, he still purrs. Cats soothe themselves by purring if they are stressed or upset. If you kitty is sitting in your lap, purring and totally relaxed, his purring probably means that he feels cared for by you, just like he felt cared for by his mama.

3. When you cat rubs his head on you, he’s marking you with his scent. Basically, he’s saying, “We belong together because I smell you on me, and you smell me on you.” He doesn’t know that your sense of smell isn’t as good as his is! Unless he’s just been sprayed by a skunk, you won’t smell a thing.

4. If your feline friend is rubbing his gums on you, he’s marking you as belonging to him.

5. Contrary to what we want to think, your cat’s offering of a dead mouse isn’t really a present. Actually, what he’s saying is that “I’m bringing this here because it’s safe here.” He’s complimenting you by telling you how safe he feels around you.

How did you do? Do you need the bonus question?

Your kitty says “I love you” by blinking. He shows that he trusts you by staring at you, and then blinking his eyes. He’ll open them and then blink a second time, more gently than the first time. Try this if you’re trying to gain a cat’s confidence.

How does YOUR kitty show his affection? Leave a comment and tell us!

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  1. 51 Comment(s)

  2. By Brennan Kingsland on Feb 23, 2008 | Reply

    LOVED this article! It brought back so many happy memories. My husband complained that a cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper and the claws hurt when they knead. After I explained it meant how much the cats loved him, he never complained again.

    It’s an honor to be groomed by a cat.

    Brennan AKA PuppyLove

    P.S. I’m assuming that bringing you a dead snake is also a sign of trust?

    Brennan Kingsland’s last blog post..7 Ways to Control Kids on the Bus

  3. By admin on Feb 23, 2008 | Reply

    Ha, Brennan, I can beat that one…I had a kitty bring a live snake in the house for me! I had the back door open to get some air. I didn’t have a screen door, so my kitty brought her snack into the bedroom. I didn’t know it was still alive, though!

  4. By Riley & Tiki on Feb 25, 2008 | Reply

    We kitties are teaching our dog to be a cat. We rub our heads on him and he has started rubbing his head on us. We both do 1-4, but we’ve never caught a real live dead mouse, so we just bring our toys … and sometimes the dog’s toys.

    Riley & Tiki’s last blog post..Kesey is still the best brother

  5. By admin on Mar 3, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Riley and Tiki,

    Hope you come back to visit often! Teaching your dog to be a cat is an excellent thing to do. I’m glad to hear that you do bring presents to your owner. I’m sure that she probably prefers toys to a real live dead mouse anyway!

    Thanks for your comment!


  6. By Kim on Apr 10, 2008 | Reply

    My cat wold should affection by following me around the house when I left a room he followed me to the next and would just curl up near me. He slept on the foot of my bed every night. He was never a licker or one to purr but as soon as I came home he was there for me at the door. I could call his name and he’d come to me… if I was doing something he had to jump right in between me and whatever it was rather I was writing a paper or on the computer.

  7. By admin on Apr 11, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Kim,

    Your kitty obviously liked being around you a lot! He had many ways of showing his affection for you. Thanks for sharing!


  8. By Gloria on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    My cat George is a rescued stray who had to be bottlefed. Now he is 5 months old, and cute. However, he still will bite drawing blood without warning – usually the lips are the target. He also wails continuously when I am having a shower, or I am at the sink – he has food and a toy monkey which he always brings to me when he wants a game.
    Don’t understand the wail at bathtime – he could wake the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. By admin on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Gloria,

    Ouch! Having a cat bite you on the lip has got to hurt! You may want to check out Solutions To Cat Behavior Problems. This ebook was written by a vet in response to questions from clients about cat behavior. It may be helpful to you in figuring out what to do about George.

    Thanks for your comment! Good luck with your kitty!


  10. By Rachel on Aug 11, 2008 | Reply

    i belive these might be ways that my cat show her affection and love for me,
    -she follows me around
    -she never leaves my side, i could be sitting down for hours and she’ll lay there and sleep intel i move again.
    - she licks my hands, hair, and gives me kisses when i put my face close to hers
    - she meows when i say or call her name
    - she’ll sit by the door if i forget to let her in a certain room and wait intel it is opened for her to get in.
    -she dont respond to other peaple when they call her name and rarely lets them touch her with out sniffing there hands first.
    - she stares at me alot & everytime i talk to her she shuts her eyes slowly as if she was falling asleep and then opens them again..
    im not sure if this is right but i have noticed that when i am away she hardly eats and never leaves my room.
    - anddd the last point is that when i was sick she never left the only time she did was to eat n go to the washroom n came right back ;o

  11. By admin on Aug 11, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Rachel,

    I would say your kitty LOVES you! You’re definitely her favorite person. I’m sure you love her just as much.

    Thanks for your comment, and come back again!


  12. By Amanda on Aug 25, 2008 | Reply

    My husband and I have had Elle a 3 month old calico for a week now. I cannot leave a room without her right at my heels. No matter what I am doing she is right there. When I am going to the bathroom she has to lay on my lap. :-) The only place she is not permitted is our bedroom because my 7 year old cat doesn’t like her. At night she cries and cries. I try not to give in to her because I notice that as soon as I come out of the bedroom she purrs and plays. As I am typing this she is laying on the desk between my arms cleaning herself. What I find interesting is that we have hd 2 other cats and neither did this to this extreme. I must say… I feel completly loved.

  13. By Lelia on Aug 28, 2008 | Reply

    I was reading your article because my 17-yr old, stage 2 FIV, male “puppy” (giant cat) brought me my second “gift” in 3 months last night. I wanted to ensure I responded appropriately with praise and a heap of wet food to distract him while I disposed of the mouse.
    I’ve been out of town for almost a month, and it’s nice to see he still loves me.
    He too follows me from room to room, meets me outside when he hears my car pull in, kneads my arms and stomach, and will match my nightly tossing and turning to continuously “spoon” me.

    It’s great to have unconditional love from such a good friend.

  14. By admin on Aug 29, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Amanda,

    Elle sounds like she has a slight case of separation anxiety. You’re doing the right thing in ignoring her at night. She’ll stop after a few nights when she sees it doesn’t work. She’s obviously attached to you, and it sounds like you have a long happy life ahead of you!

    Lelia, your feline friend is very fond of you, too. Even when you can’t spend as much time as you would like with them, our kitties still love us unconditionally. You’re right, a relationship with a cat is a wonderful thing.

    Best wishes,


  15. By Christy on Nov 13, 2008 | Reply

    My kitten Phelps was a rescued cat; someone tried to drown him when he was a baby but Phelps was a natural swimmer. Hence the name ^_^

    My cat is very affectionate, and very very playful. He is in the habit now of bringing his toys onto the couch beside me and leaning on me when he plays. Although, when he gets really excited he wants to play with me instead of the toy and he will wrap his arms around my forearm and start biting at my wrist or fingers as if they are a toy too. oh and his back feet are kicking away at my arm like he does with his toys too.
    Is this behavior normal or does he really like me? i’m kinda confused. I have never had a cat before so i have nothing to compare him to.

  16. By Jesseecuh on Dec 5, 2008 | Reply

    I read all of these comments about nice cats that show a great deal of continuous love to their owners and I laugh. I don’t laugh because I think it silly, I laugh because I think it’s funny how different my cat really is.

    For starters he’s a pretty big tom cat, though I am not sure on his breed/type. He weighs about 23 pounds and we’ve had him for…oh, going on 5 years now. He’s as big as a new born baby…actually longer than my little cousin of 6 months old and larger than my gran’ma’s full grown palmeranian.

    With that, he’s always been a grumpy old man. No joke, he is very territorial…which is why we had him diclawed and nutered as soon as we were permitted to. But overall he isn’t a very…friendly cat, to say the least. He’s calmed down now as he’s getting a little older, not so much attacking people as just letting them know he doesn’t want them around or touching “his” things.

    Despite being moody, he’s very playful. Which play-fighting with us was the first sign of affection he gave us after the claws were out. He was a very angry kitty for quite a few months on that one. But spending more time with him has brought him to show more affection, but you can’t just go up and expect him to let you pet him or he’ll attack your feet when you leave. He has to be the one to tell you he wants affection and not giving it to him when he demands it will make him cry. Honestly, I’m not realy sure if cats have tearducts, but he whines like there’s no tomorrow. As grumpy as he is he doesn’t like to be left alone for too long and he’ll let you know about it. I have a room in the basement where we keep him and he knows when I’m in there and not paying him any mind. So what does he do? He whines at my door until I come out. The little brat thinks he owns the house too xD

    He can be very sweet when he wants to be, even doing the whole grooming and rubbing things with me from time to time. But he loves to sit in my lap while I’m working. I think he’s just cold when he does that, but I want to think he’s doing it for affection. Lol. Well, I love him and the old man better love me as well. I clean his toilet out >.> He better love me.

    Heh, did I mention he harfs his food down? I thought cats were suppost to be dainty….but he’s not, my dog is though. :\ odd huh?

  17. By ashley on Dec 23, 2008 | Reply

    we have a friend who has a cat, i take care of him while they work, the cat fifa, he kisses me(grooms me) all the time i love it when he does that, its his way of saying i love you to me

  18. By Horsey on Jun 1, 2011 | Reply

    My cat, well he doesn’t really have a name, but I call him opossum because he looked like a baby possum when he was born. Sometimes I don’t notice that he’s in the bathroom when I go to take a shower. He will jump onto the sides of the bathtub, and I will let him smell my hand, and he will grab my fingers in his mouth, and try to pull my out of the shower! He also gently bites and licks my lips, and when I’m sitting on the floor, he will come up to me and rub his gums on my lips! :) he’s so cute:)

  19. By Darlene on Jun 23, 2011 | Reply

    My sweet kitten is most affectionate in the early morning hours when he stands on my arm until I drag myself out of bed to feed him. While he eats, I crawl back into bed. When he is done eatting he jumps up on the bed and presses his nose on my face then begins to lick me. He also goes on top of my pillow behind my head and and I feel his nails in my hair (dont know what that means but I love the attention). He has stolen my heart and I have never had such a close bond with any pet before. He is my heart!

  20. By rae on Jul 8, 2011 | Reply

    Hi Darlene, this is SUCH a helpful quiz/ article My beautiful russian blue / DSH mix Sharky absolutely adores me in a way that i never could have imagined…i had to look it up to see if it’s normal: my husband who’s had many a cat said he’s never seen a kitty like him. so this is what our little baby does:

    a. He loves to be held like a baby and be picked up by me..(yes if he wants down i put him down right away….)
    b. he CRIES and runs down the stairs every night when i come home and then also cries around the door when he knows my husband should come home…he’ll mill around looking for us. if i dare step out to get the mail he’ll CRY sadly and furiously until icome back in…
    c. he’s ALWAYS underfoot and following me everywhere even to the bathroom even if i take a bath he sits on teh side and bats teh bubbles and water with his paw. he sits outside the shower on the Matt and waits for me…he sleeps in my bed (or under it faithfully every night)
    my husband calls him “my shadow” b/c i can’t go anywhere with him running ahead of where I am and beating me there…
    c. when i’m working he demands attention and jumps in my lap in my office.
    d. he head butts me, licks my face every day and “marks ” me
    e. we play fetch EVERY day, he brings us foil balls, play mice, bottle caps and pieces of string as “presents” every morning….
    f. I can handle him pretty much anyway I want and he won’t hiss at me…
    g. here’s teh funny one: only i can talk to him…i somehow developed a special “MEE OWW” that he will respondto and answer and come running when i meee oowww like that in the house…like a dog, I can actually summon Sharky to us…and we’ll talk back and forth…

    sometimes when I pick him up he also clasps his paws around my neck…and of course he’s always purring and rolling over to show his tummy….

    I think..he thinks i’m another cat because he’ll grab my face and lick it as to groom me..

    he’s absolutely the best cat ever in the world…my little grey Sharky!

  21. By Rhea on Jul 20, 2011 | Reply

    Great quiz. Very helpful too. I landed in this site by chance and o boy ! Am I glad ! Its such a high to see and read comments from such genuine pet lovers. Way to go all of you ! My two cats are my little children. They follow me around the house *all the time* like little puppies ! Sometimes I get so claustrophobic I have to yell at them “gimme some space already !” LOL. I love my cats so much its crazy ! I wish I could adopt every little stay animal in the world and give them all the love and care they deserve.

  22. By Keith on Jul 27, 2011 | Reply

    I have two cats one is very vocal and needs constant attention.the other one is the exact opposite except when I am putting on my shoes and socks…..she rubs all over my legs, feet and shoes before I leave…..why is that?

  23. By Veronika on Aug 20, 2011 | Reply

    two months ago I got two cats…Lili and Garfield.Now they are about 3 and a half months old and they are tooooooo cute.Even if I bought them a cat bed they prefer to sleep with me on my bed.LOL!But sometimes I have problems with them,because sometimes they poo on the carpet and not on their litter tray.How to unteach them this? Thank you

    P.S. I love your webpage…. :-D

  24. By Elaine on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    My boyfriend and I have three cats that all love us, but one in particular, Rerun, is very attached to him. We adopted her in 2007 as a kitten.

    She meows at my boyfriend a lot, he responds to her like they are talking to each other. Whenever my boyfriend is on the phone with someone, she meows incessantly demanding attention. She follows him from room to room, and when he is home, she chooses to sit on the couch next to him. Whenever my boyfriend and I argue, the cat will come over and give a different sort of “meow”, as if to calm down. Whenever he is sick, whether it’s physically sick or just being in a down mood, the cat is also in that same mood and won’t leave his side.

    Whenever we are getting ready to leave, she follows us all the way to the door and starts meowing. My boyfriend won this one-foot long yellow stuffed animal snake from a county fair a few years ago, and I told him to give it to the cats as a toy. The odd thing is, every time we leave and we come back, we find this snake dragged all over the place in our home. I know it’s her that is dragging this snake, because one time I witnessed it when I was home. My boyfriend had walked to the store to get a beer, and I saw her with the yellow snake in her mouth meowing in distress and dragging it between her legs. She often drags this snake and leaves it on her Daddy’s items- his backpack, his shoes, his clothes, etc.

    Our cat Rerun doesn’t like anyone except us. I think she loves me, but she really loves her Daddy and I think her behavior indicates a some separation anxiety. He doesn’t help the cause at all when he sometimes gets on his hands and knees and “walks” with her following him, like they are a pair of cats. He also gives her piggy back rides–she gets on top of the cat tree, climbs on his back, and he takes a few laps with her on his back around our home. The whole time she is sitting on his back and purring before, during, and after, so I think the cat really enjoys it.

    My boyfriend often compares his relationship to our cat as being the same as to that of Elliott and E.T., and that they “have a connection”.

  25. By Tim O on Sep 14, 2011 | Reply

    My Siamese Ryo Ohki LOVES showing her affection. Every morning when I get ready to leave for work, she follows me around to get her regular morning head scratchings, then she falls on to her side and stretches over my feet like she’s telling that I should stay home that day if I knew what was good for me!

    Then when I get home and I finally sit down for a little TV, she comes running up, pushes her head against my face and then starts the happy paws and the purring.

    She sure does know how to make a happy cat parent!

  26. By cat man dude on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    1 cat follows me everywhere i go, head butts me, when im sat he jumps up to rub his scent on my nose, always looks at me, lays in my arms and i have built a stronger bond with this cat out of all the cats i have
    he is very confident and has grown so much

    another cat purrs so loudly, was ill first and her eyes watered, never ever came to me because i wanted to apply medicine and it prob hurt it, after it got better my friend wanted a cat so i offered this 1, his wife didnt want the cat so i brought her back after they kept her 8 hrs in a garage, on the way back she clung to me and her bond with me grew, she sleeps on my bed and comes up and purrs to me but doesnt like to be picked up. she comes and looks at me and meows a lot to say hello or when she hungry.
    anther of the female cats sits on me when i lay on my side and she like to go to sleep.
    she will look at me and i will pretend to ignore her and she will reach her paw out to me gently at first to get my attention to be stroked. then she will start to use her claws, and tag me maybe once or twice like she is tapping my arm to say oi look at me, but in a sweet way lol,
    then when i look at her she moves a side of her head on my arm to say stroke me here, shes got pregnant now and is meowing higher pitched then before. when she is hungry her meow is longer and extended, she is jealous i think of the 1st mentioned cat because he comes to me most, and when he does they all want attention.

    the older of the males is really timid, he hides when i open the door to come inside and cowers in a corner, its really wierd because he has no need to be like that, unless he wants to go out to do business he will run out after i am settled in the home he comes right up to me and sits near me purring away and wanting to be petted.
    they are from the same mother cat but different litters and im sure from a different tom.
    the mother cat was a stray i took in when her former keepers from what my neighbours told me recently they kicked and beat her, she is very friendly with me and talkative and came when i first moved into this house, i fed her and let her sleep and she stayed ever since, and comes and goes as she pleases. where as her litter both dont stray far from home at all.
    the mother comes to me when the others are not about. she likes her quiet time and brings loads of mice back and rats, they get left on door step.
    they all talk, they all crave attention in their own way and all mark their scent
    and they all do that kneading thing.
    iv seen them all from their births and watched the grow up, and the funny thing is the mother gave birth in 1 part of my bedroom and then after the brith and they were cleaned she brought them next to my bed and as they started to crawl i would wke in the mornign to find them sleeping around me snuggled up to me
    and they all have to sleep near me now.
    its like a family, my mates think im mad but i guess to them im part of their group.
    my car has a sports exhaust and as soon as i come home and parked up they all come racing out in the street to greet me meowing and doing rolls and stretching ha ha
    cats wag their tails when they are happy, i thought this was a trait of dogs.
    they are such funny little creatures and i think theyr ace

  27. By Alicia on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    I have a cat that I rescued from a dog fight two years ago. I ended up taking both animals to the vet since they were injured. Neither one were mine at the time. I was told by my vet that there was some good news and bad. The good news was the cat had a great chance of survival. The bad news was the pit bull was going to have to be put down. The cat had gone on it’s back and tore up the dogs intestines. The dog was not able to take the cats head off because I broke up the fight.

    I then did a search with flyers in my area to find out wonowned the cat. It turned out he belonged to a little old lady getting ready to go into the nursing home. This cat was named Nigel. She wanted me to keep him. I did.

    11/2 years later, Nigel’s (now known as Bailey) previous owner had died. Time has gone by quickly for us. Bailey is one of the closest cats I have ever had in my life.

    Bailey goes for car rides all the time. He loves to smell the coffee at Starbuck’s, but we order him water. He knows the crew at several drive thru’s in which he suckers them for a piece of meat. He can go places without a leash or collar as he is as well trained as a dog. He has gone on vacations and have entertained many strangers. He minds me when I tell him to settle down. He loves it when we have guests over at our house. Not one person is left untreated after they have sat down to get comfortable!

    The best part about Bailey is that he is my little buddy! If I go to any room in the house, he follows me there. He doesn’t cry when I have to leave when I go to work.

    That is not to day that Bailey has not had his moments. There are times that Bailey does pitch a fit. When I pick him up in those moods, he will grab my arm and hand and go to town on it for normally less than 30 seconds. I just repeat to him, “Are we going to go there?” over and over again. Often that shuts him down quite fast. The good thing about this is, Bailey is an old cat. He doesn’t bite hard, so it doesn’t hurt. Instead, it just feels gummy and slobbery. There are a few teeth still there though. Despite all of these things in this post, Bailey is truly the best cat for me as I believe I am for him!

  28. By Paula on Oct 24, 2011 | Reply

    i’ve had my 2 month old Kathryn for about a week now, and she is the love of my life. she was rescued by a friend and then came to live with me. she loves licking me and blinks at me a lot as well. but the most curious thing i noticed about her is the fact that she LOVES chasing dogs!!! her latest targets are my vet’s golden lab or my neighbor’s cultured pom. she chases him relentlessly across the house when my neighbor comes to visit, and scares the hell out of him! he’s four times her size and believe me it’s funny as hell to watch. never knew a kitten could do that!

  29. By Rebecca on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    My cat is named Mischief and she shows her affection ALOT! she rubs her face against me constantly, Sleeps under my covers curled up by my side, Purrs whenever she see’s me (I dont even need to stroke her…all i have to do is say hello!) She stares at me and slowly closes her eyes then opens them again, She attempts to clean my hair&nails as if she is grooming me! I absolutely adore her…i used to have another cat who is her older sister whom stopped her own labour because i werent in the room, as a result 2 of her 3 kittens died…she has gone missing now:( but anyway Mischief shows alot of affection! Also my other cat Lennon has something wrong with him…his balance is way off and his ears&eyes weep alot, he also at one point whenever he walked went completely off balance, he is getting better now though thankfully:)<3

  30. By Amanda on Dec 11, 2011 | Reply

    I found my cat when he was barely a month old he was a stray, he’s 6yrs old now. He loves me to death, although at times I’ll put him in the hallway on a time out when he aggravates one of the other cats lol.
    He loves to sleep in my arms and when he was a baby, he would nuzzle my neck and purr which he still does that at times. He also does the head but, and licks my hand. He likes to nibble my head specially when I’ve just washed my hair. I had him fixed when he was old enough. There’s one thing he does that puzzles me though. You no some dogs will hump people’s leg well my cat does this only sometimes when I’m trying to sleep. I woke up one time to find him doing this. Is this normal and he’s fixed so I didn’t think he would be having these issue’s lol. I don’t know what he considers me lol. I know he thinks of me as his mom, but when he tries to hump my leg I don’t know what to think lol

  31. By Jennifer on Dec 11, 2011 | Reply

    My cat will head but me, and loves being held like a baby. When he’s scared and take him to the vet, he wraps both of his front paws around my neck and buries his head in the crook of my neck!

  32. By jenna on Dec 14, 2011 | Reply

    I have a sweet 2 year old cat his name is jeffery and I love him to DEATH! <3 he shows his affection by doing all of these things on the test, he is always trying to lick me but I dont let him because i have seen where his toung has been. EWWWW!! and the reason why we got him was because when we visited our local spca we found him (as a kitten) in one of the cages sticking his arm out and meowing and he wouldnt stop so we had to get him! and I was sold on him ever since.

  33. By Will on Dec 15, 2011 | Reply

    My Cat Licks my Toes and feet while I sit on the loo, he also licks our noses and the hairs on my legs.

  34. By Chelsea on Jan 4, 2012 | Reply

    I adopted a three year old Maine Coon four months ago on my birthday. At first I could tell why the previous owner gave him away for free- if you touch him the wrong way, he bites and scratches hard core! I have a lot of scars from his giant claws. As time went on, I learned how he did like to be touched, and was able to gain his trust. My boyfriend is a different story, Panda weighing in at over 19 pounds, rubs up against him, sleeps with him at night, licks him and purrs on him whenever panda has the chance. Panda doesn’t treat me the same, even though I’m the one who takes care of all his needs. The boyfriend doesn’t even feed him! I love panda with my entire heart, and I want to figure out how to be treated like royalty as he treats my boyfriend… Signed-jealous Coon owner.

  35. By DeiDei on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    I have a 6 year old male Snowshoe (adopted from a rescue). His name is Kingston, I often affectionately refer to him as “The King”. He is so confident and self assured. He has totally taken home my once feline free home. We have 2 very large dogs (140 and 100 lbs) respectively. The cat has become the boss where they are concerned. Getting to his love for me…he follows me everywhere–bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. He head butts me, grooms me, make biscuits for me, and will occasionally gently slap me to wake me up. What I love most is that he comes when called. His behaviors remind me of a little dog…he weighs between 28 and 20 lbs.

  36. By Ashley on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    All 4 of my kitties do all of these except the outdoor presents thing. They’re not outdoor kitties. This article makes me feel like I’ve done the animal kingdom a good. Yay pet love! :)

  37. By aurora giddens on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    My cat Justin is so amazing he is my 1st cat I’ve ever had I treat likessuch a mamas boy he follows me everywhere he blinks @ me all the time he rubs me he lays on his back and purrs @ me he’s just so amazing he so playful he’s such a kid and I love him to death……

  38. By Flubluflu on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply

    Jesseecuh your cat is probably grumpy because you had him de-clawed. All these lovely comments then I read your comment. You can’t be an animal lovers if you think it’s OK to de-claw a cat. Very cruel. Shame on you.

  39. By reese on Jan 25, 2012 | Reply

    My Cleo will leave any of her toys for the chance to wrestle with my hand/forearm and yes she bites… a lot lighter than she used to because I kept pulling my hand away saying OUCH! She got the point…. but the whole time she is kicking away at my forearm. Even if it hurts at times I can tell she’s having the time of her life. So I put up with a few scratches.

  40. By reese on Jan 25, 2012 | Reply

    my Cleo is my best companion. When I first got her she slept on my pillow next to my head everunight when she outgrew sharing my pillow (meaning there wasn’t any room left for my head) she moved down to sleep in the bend of my knees she pits up with my constant throwing the covers off and on top of her… by accident of course… but she follows me room to room or runs ahead and hides for me to find her when I get to the room were heading too. I call her name and she jumps out hugs my leg, darts across the room, hugs my legs again until I engage in a game of tag which always ends with me scooping her up exclaiming “I got you!!”. She would much rather play with me than most of her toys. Cleo loves being the center of attention with a group of people as long as I’m present. Shell strike the cutest poses and hold it for a good 15 min so everyone can gather round and take pictures. I’ve been having roommate problems recently and Cleo used to spend her mornings 6a-noon until is get up with my roommate but she can sense the tension I assume as I spend most of my time in my room and now she is constantly with me in my room. Sleeping with me all night when I leave for work she stays on my bed and is there waiting for me when I return. She somehow knows ogre constant company is more important than ever right now. She purrs constantly and smiles all the time when I am home. Love her

  41. By Kimberly on Feb 2, 2012 | Reply

    My beutiful tortise shell kitty is on the last leg of her ninth life-and she knows it. She went from hating everone in my house to a love macheine. She follows me around my house, nuzzels and headbutts me… she even licks me. what I find the best in her behavior is that when I go to bed, she actually wants to be under the covers with me! I love my kitty… Even when she’s in her dying days.

  42. By dani on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    Wow I was just browsing thee web wonderinig my cat rubs her face on me at nite. Found out tht she has marked me as hers. I also learned so may more neat things like last nite I was layin on the bed an honey my cat was layin on the floor looking at me like closing her eyes an kinda winkin at me it was weird I asked my husband wht she was doin he said she was weird but she was just tryin to tell me she had fun playing an now she was going ta sleep. Really neat site I learned alot

  43. By greta on Feb 22, 2012 | Reply

    My cat thinks i’m its mom–when I sit outside it latches on to my robe & tries to nurse.

  44. By typesofcats on Feb 24, 2012 | Reply

    We used to have 2 persians. They would always rub against me and purr and kneed. They never licked or brought me any present though. I really miss having a cat.

  45. By Roxana on Apr 17, 2012 | Reply

    My cat Calixto will be two years old in September
    Almost every night he jumps into bed with me
    And almost every morning I get kneaded !!!!
    ILOVE MY CAT and I guess he loves me ‘!!!!!!

  46. By Jessi on Apr 20, 2012 | Reply

    My cat Orion once brought my a full-grown live unharmed Robin! A big red-breasted Robin. I woke up on a Saturday to see my kitty staring ontop of this box at a live freaking out Robin. I flew into my windows, and my mirror closet sliding doors. Eventually I got the window open and got my cat out of the room.

  47. By Malus on Apr 24, 2012 | Reply

    hey guys,

    great article. my cat does some weird things though not mentioned here. a guy, but when we sleep, my cat Malus nuzzles into my armpit and starts purring and kneading my armpit and starts trying to suck on it..!!!

    any suggestions?

    he loves to sleep under the covers with me, between my leg.

    he rubs his face so hard into mine i can feel his teeh and gums.

    any oppinions would be appreciated!

  48. By Elise on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    Thank you for this quiz! So endearing! My little kitty Chace does all of these things. He also buries his head into my arms with his eyes closed and turns on his back for tummy tickles! He gets very jealous of my laptop and as a result I can only ever type with one hand as my other has to be cuddling him- of course!

  49. By punkin on May 23, 2012 | Reply

    on a road trip,12 yr old son came to motel room door at checkout time with a orange tabby,asking to keep it,it was starving,we went up to the local fish restaurant , got us some fresh fried fish,she loved it,4 yrs later,and we just love it,very odd personality,and sometimes over reacts to sizzling butter in the pan from the sound,go figger ,right?but is loving when everyone has calmed down around here,we all love and respect her ,her name is punkin and she rules the house and we love it

  50. By Leean P on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    My cat JUST licked my arm. He does it all the time! and he stands on my stomach and kneads it. He’s next to me all the time.
    I love him <3

  51. By Lori on Jun 5, 2012 | Reply

    My cat Perseus is an odd cat. He follows me around the house like a dog, has to sleep in the same room as me… Never had a cat like him before. Aside from the basics like getting sandpaper kisses on the nose, the head butts and being paw slapped awake. lol he kneads my face. I’m assuming its the same thing, but first time I’ve ever had that happen.

  52. By Patricia on Jun 19, 2012 | Reply

    I got my boy cat from the SPCA. Ever since I brought him home he sleeps on my chest and loves to like the end of my nose. As for presents he loves to bring those too. We play fetch with some catnip mice. I throw them and he brings it back. Unfortunitly he has started doing it with rea mice that he catches. Sometimes they are dead and sometimes live. I have to make a switch with a fake one and throw the real one outside.

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