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Why Can’t We Be Friends? Or Why Cats Do Cats Fight? »

Anyone who lives in a multicat household knows that sometimes kitty siblings just don’t get along.  Sometimes they fight like, well, like cats and dogs.  Is there anything you can do to defuse the fireworks?  Here are some tips that can help to solve your problems with pet aggression. What’s Mine Is Mine Felines are […]

Cat Behavior Advice – Play Aggression In Cats »

Does your cat stalk you? Does she lurk behind corners just waiting to leap out at you and swat you as you walk by? This kind of behavior is normal for cats. They’re predators, and catering to your kitty’s predatory whims can be a lot of fun! But sometimes things get out of hand. Play […]

Cat Behavior Problems And Your Alpha Cat »

Many people are familiar with the concept of an alpha dog. The alpha dog is the leader of the pack. If your dog doesn’t accept your position as alpha dog in the household, you’re probably going to have behavior problems with him. But how many people have ever heard of an alpha cat? We think […]

Do You Speak Feline-ese? »

Janet Roper’s article on talking with your kitty generated a lot of comments. This time I’d like to focus on how your cat communicates with you! Cats are quite predictable critters. They know we humans are in charge (or at least we like to think we are!), so in order to get us to do […]

Talk To Your Kitty, And She’ll Talk Back! »

Not with words, perhaps. But you really can communicate with your cat. Many years ago I had a kitty named Morris who liked to roam around out in the woods around our house. I got worried about him one day because he’d been gone a long time. I was thinking about how I wished he’d […]

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – How Does Your Cat Show Affection? »

Today we’re going to have some fun. How does your kitty show his affection for you? Take this little quiz to find out how much you really know about your cat… 1. If your cat licks you, it means: a) you taste like a dead mouse. b) you need a bath. c) he likes you. […]

The Incredible Disappearing Cat: Getting Your Cat Into The Carrier And Keeping Him There »

You may have heard about Georgia the cat (pictured at the left), who disappeared into the New York City subway system earlier this year when she escaped from her carrier. Her owner had taken her to be spayed, and on the way back home, Georgia freaked out and managed to get out of her carrier. […]

Map Of Your Cat’s Brain »

Just for fun… Courtesy of CatStuff

Tips For Taming The Kitty From Hell »

Do you live with The Kitty From Hell? Does she bite and scratch you for no apparent reason, other than the fact that she’s evil? With time and patience, you really can change your mean cat into a sweetie pie by using behavior modification techniques. You need to understand why your cat bites and scratches, […]

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