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Cats And Hairballs »

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Cats and hairballs seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, although hairballs are definitely not as appetizing!  And as if furballs aren’t gross enough, they can cause life-threatening intestinal blockages in your kitty.  What causes these things?  Is it possible to eliminate cat hairballs completely? Where Do […]

Ringworm In Cats – Questions And Answers »

If ringworm in cats is a problem for you, you probably have lots of questions.  Is feline ringworm caused by a worm?  Are some kitties more susceptible to it?  How do you treat it?  And the most important question:  can you get it from your cat? What Is Ringworm? Cat ringworm is a fungal infection […]

Ear Mites In Cats Are A Pain In The Ear! »

Ear mites are tiny little insects that can barely be seen with the naked eye.  But for something so small, they can cause a lot of grief.  Here’s what you should know about ear mites in cats Facts About Feline Ear Mites You probably didn’t know that the Latin name for ear mites is “Otodectes […]

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Or Why Cats Do Cats Fight? »

Anyone who lives in a multicat household knows that sometimes kitty siblings just don’t get along.  Sometimes they fight like, well, like cats and dogs.  Is there anything you can do to defuse the fireworks?  Here are some tips that can help to solve your problems with pet aggression. What’s Mine Is Mine Felines are […]

Feline Diabetes And Caring For Your Diabetic Cat »

A diagnosis of feline diabetescomes as a complete shock for many cat owners.  You probably have many questions.  What exactly is cat diabetes?  What options do you have for feline diabetes treatment?  Can natural remedies for cats help in controlling diabetes in cats? What Is Feline Diabetes? A kitty with this disease has problems either […]

Prevent Feline Cystitis With Natural Remedies For Cats »

  Many cat owners who have had a long and frustrating battle with feline cystitis wonder if natural remedies, along with holistic cat care, would help. What Is Holistic Cat Care? Holistic cat care involves looking at your kitty’s health as a whole, instead of just focusing on her kidneys and bladder when she has […]

Feline Diabetes Has Four Dangerous Complications »

Do you live with a diabetic cat?  If you do, you already know that it’s necessary to pay a lot more attention to your kitty’s health. Although cat diabetes doesn’t cause circulatory problems or blindness like diabetes in people does, there are four dangerous complications of feline diabetes that you need to know about. Feline […]

Cat Urinary Tract Infection — Will Your Cat Be A Victim? »

Are you concerned about cat urinary tract infection?  All cat owners should be aware of FLUTD, or feline lower urinary tract disease, to prevent their beloved companions from becoming victims of cat urinary problems. What Cat Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms Should You Be Aware Of? Sometimes the most obvious symptom is that your cat is […]

Solve Cat Urinary Problems With Holistic Cat Care »

  If your kitty suffers from a recurring cat urinary tract infection, perhaps holistic cat care can help.  Here are ten benefits of using natural remedies for cats to treat feline cystitis. What Is Holistic Cat Care? Holistic medicine is a different way of looking at illness.  Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of cat urinary […]

Cat Urinary Problems And Stressed Out Cats »

Cat urinary problems can be frustrating to deal with.  If recurring FLUTD is a problem for your kitty, maybe stress has something to do with it, especially if your vet can’t find any reason for the repeated feline urinary problems.  If your kitty has been diagnosed with feline idiopathic cystitis, read on for answers. What […]

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